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A Perfect Obsession
Christmas In Good Hope
A Good Hope Novel
Amaryllis 'Ami' Bloom's cheerful smile greets everyone in Good Hope, Wisconsin. But her merry facade hides a dark secret she won't ever forget. Still, she throws herself into celebrating Christmas — and convinces her new neighbor to join her. Beckett Cross, however, is determined not to celebrate the holidays. He moved to Good Hope to leave behind reminders of how he'd had it all...and lost everything. But it's hard to resist the adorable Ami, the designated keeper of the small town's holiday traditions, when she asks for help with the Twelve Nights celebration. And Ami has a hard time resisting Beck's soft Southern drawl and gentle eyes. Will a Christmas miracle give them a second chance at love and the hope to heal both of their hearts for good?
New York Confidential
Someone is murdering women in the New York area and displaying them in underground tombs. The FBI is handling the case, with Special Agent Craig Frasier as lead. Kieran Finnegan, forensic psychologist and part owner of Finnegan's, is consulting on the case. Craig and Kieran are a couple who've worked together on more than one occasion. On this occasion, Craig fears for the safety of the woman he loves. Because the killer is too close. The body of a model is found in a catacomb under a nightclub directly behind Finnegan's in lower Manhattan. As more women are murdered, their bodies discovered underground, it's clear that they’re dealing with a serial killer. Craig and Kieran are desperate to track down the murderer, a man obsessed with female perfection. Obsessed enough to want to 'preserve' that beauty by destroying the women who embody it...
Read by Saskia Maarleveld
8 CDs 978 1 5436 5425 7 1MP3CD 9781543654264
Romantic Suspense
Read by Amy McFadden
7 CDs 978 1 5436 5397 7 46mins 1MP3CD 9781543653984
8 hours 20mins
9 hours
The Shifting Tides
The Guardians Trilogy
The discovery of a strange and superior warship sends Dion, youngest son of the king of Xanthos, and Chloe, a Phalesian princess, on a journey across the sea, where they are confronted by a kingdom far more powerful than they could ever have imagined. But they also find a place in turmoil, for the ruthless sun king, Solon, is dying. In order to gain entrance to heaven, Solon is building a tomb — a pyramid clad in gold — and has scoured his own empire for gold until there's no more to be found. Now Solon's gaze turns to Chloe's homeland, Phalesia, and its famous sacred ark, made of solid gold. The legends say it must never be opened, but Solon has no fear. And he isn't afraid of the eldren, an ancient race of shape-shifters, long ago driven into the Wilds. For when he gets the gold, Solon knows he will live forever.
Mermaid Annika is from the sea, and it is there she must return after her quest to find the stars. Her purity and beauty are breathtaking, along with her graceful athleticism, as her five new friends discovered when they retrieved the fire star. Traveler Sawyer King has brought the guardians to the island of Capri, where the water star is hidden. And as he watches Annika in her element, he finds himself drawn to her joyful spirit. But Sawyer knows that if he allows her into his heart, no compass could ever guide him back to solid ground... And in the darkness, their enemy broods. She lost one star to the guardians, but there is still time for blood to be spilled — the mermaid's in the water and the traveler's on the land. For she has forged a dangerous new weapon. Something deadly and unpredictable. Something human.
Golden Age
Bay Of Sighs
Read by Simon Vance
10 CDs 978 1 5436 5405 9 1 MP3 CD 978 1 5436 5406 6
12 hours 29mins
Lost Dog
Read by Saskia Maarleveld
9 CDs 978 1 5436 5395 3 1 MP3 CD 978 1 5436 5396 0
Dr. Hoffman Series
Romance 10 hours
The Russian Donation
Gideon And Sirius Series
Detective Michael Gideon is used to being handed L.A.'s oddest cases, but his newest one assigned itself. When Gideon's K-9 partner, Sirius, rescues a lost dog from a pack of coyotes, the duo tries to return her home — only to discover her owner is missing. Heather Moreland has clearly disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and the more Gideon digs into her past, the more he's convinced of her abduction. As Gideon strives to help the missing woman, he is also troubled by the suspicious death of Detective Langston Walker, the leader of a support group for families of murder victims. The last time they'd met, Walker told Gideon about a cold case he had reopened, making Gideon wonder if the detective's demise is the accident everyone believes.
Agatha Christie Prize-Winning Author
Doctor Felix Hoffmann's life is textbook success: a seasoned physician at a Berlin hospital, respected by colleagues, and devoted to his amorous and intelligent girlfriend Celine. It's a life filled with medical work, televised soccer games, and the chill of German beer. Yet, when a former patient shows up dead by causes unknown, Hoffmann signs a death certificate that may be his own. Curiosity and sheer medical devotion propel him to investigate. However, his autopsy order goes unfulfilled as the body is cremated and hospital records vanish. Soon, Hoffmann discovers a diagnosis of conspiratorial proportions. The deeper he scans, the darker it gets, until a criminal clue emerges from Russia.
Read by Jeff Cummings
8 CDs 978 1 5436 5407 3 1 MP3 CD 978 1 5436 5408 0
9 hours 17mins
Read by Michael Page
8 CDs 978 1 5436 5417 2 1 MP3 CD 978 1 5436 5418 9
9 hours 30mins

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