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What Doesn't Kill You
The DI Fenchurch Series
The body of a young City lawyer is discovered on an East London building site, assaulted and brutally murdered. Initial enquiries lead DI Simon Fenchurch to a driver employed by Travis, a controversial new app-based cab company. Within days another woman — a Travis driver — is found murdered. As the body count goes up, DI Fenchurch and his colleagues on the East London Major Investigation Team delve into the crimes and unveil a murky conspiracy that some will do anything to keep hidden. When familiar faces begin to emerge from the shadows, Fenchurch realises this case is more personal than he'd thought. Could he finally be on the brink of solving the mystery that has dogged him for over a decade: who abducted his daughter, Chloe — and where is she now?
A House For Happy Mothers
In trendy Silicon Valley, Priya has everything she needs but the one thing she wants most is the child she's unable to have. In a Southern Indian village, Asha doesn't have much but she wants a better education for her gifted son. Pressured by her family, Asha reluctantly checks into the Happy Mothers House: a baby farm where she can rent her only asset — her womb — to a childless couple overseas. To the dismay of friends and family, Priya places her faith in a woman she's never met to make her dreams of motherhood come true. Together, the two women discover the best and the worst that India's rising surrogacy industry has to offer, bridging continents and cultures to bring a new life into the world — and renewed hope to each other.
Read by Michael Page
9 CDs 978 1 5436 7963 2 1 MP3 CD 978 1 5436 7964 9
11 hours 18 mins
Read by Deepa Samuel
8 CDs 978 1 5436 7947 2 1 MP3 CD 978 1 5436 7948 9
Read by Karen Peakes
8 CDs 978 1 5436 7957 1 1 MP3 CD 978 1 5436 7958 8
General Fiction
9 hours 54mins
Extreme Denial
A bungled covert operation kills twenty-three people and leaves Steve Decker shouldering the blame. Embittered, he retires...and meets a captivating woman named Beth Dwyer. Suddenly, Decker has the very thing he lived so long without: a beautiful, brilliant woman he passionately loves. But in a terrifying assault, Beth disappears — leaving an agonizing mystery in her wake. Is she still alive? Was she captured by Decker's enemies or her own? Who is this woman he loved so completely, almost to the point of obsession? Did she love him, or use him? For Decker, the stakes are high: Beth's love, Beth's life, and, most of all, the truth.
The Sound Of Rain
Former detective Nicole Foster has hit rock bottom. Driven off the force by her treacherous partner and lover, she's flat broke. All Nicole has left is the dream of a warm bed at a homeless shelter and the haunting memories of three-year- old Kelsey Chase — whose murder case ended her career. As Nicole obsesses over the facts, she realizes everything about that case felt off and left too many questions unanswered. When the little girl's grieving father begs Nicole for help, she's drawn back into the investigation...and given one shot at redemption. But the deeper Nicole digs, the more evil she uncovers, including betrayals that hit painfully close to home. Will a shocking discovery be the key to finally getting justice for Kelsey and resurrecting her own life?
Read by Phil Gigante
11 CDs 978 1 5436 7941 0 1 MP3 CD 978 1 5436 7942 7
12 hours 59mins
General Fiction
9 hours 57mins
The Dark Monk
The Hangman's Daughter Series
1660: Winter has settled ensuring everyone is indoors on the night a priest discovers he's been poisoned. As numbness creeps up his body, he summons the last of his strength to scratch a sign in the frost. Following a trail of riddles, hangman Jakob Kuisl, his headstrong daughter, Magdalena, and the town physician's son team up with the priest's sister to investigate. What they uncover will lead them back to the Crusades, unlocking a troubled history of church politics and sending them on a chase for treasure. But they're not the only ones after the fortune. A team of mysterious monks are close behind and to throw the hangman off their trail, they have ensured he is tasked with capturing a band of thieves roving the countryside attacking solitary travelers and spreading panic.
Slaughterhouse-Five is one of the world's great anti- war books. Centering on the infamous fire-bombing of Dresden, Billy Pilgrim's odyssey through time reflects the mythic journey of our own fractured lives as we search for meaning in what we are afraid to know.
"James Franco is an inspired choice as narrator for this anti-war classic. While still young, he still manages to sound world-weary... Franco has fun with the offbeat characters and Vonnegut's quirky text but keeps the overall tone thoughtful... Franco's reading gives the 1960s classic a freshness that will appeal to both new listeners and Vonnegut's many fans."
Read by Grover Gardner
12 CDs 978 1 5436 7939 7 1 MP3 CD 978 1 5436 7940 3
14 hours 47mins
Read by James Franco
5 CDs 978 1 5436 7955 7 1 MP3 CD 978 1 5436 7956 4
General Fiction
5 hours 17mins

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