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Anne Enright
Writers for Readers Nick Hornby
Dublin-born Anne Enright studied creative writing under Malcolm Bradbury and Angela Carter at the University of East Anglia, before working as a TV producer and director. Her first book, a short story collection entitled The Portable Virgin, was published in 1991, and she has since published six novels. She won the Man Booker Prize in 2007 for The Gathering, and has
Born in 1957, Nick Hornby released his first book Fever Pitch, a memoir of his life as an Arsenal supporter, in 1992. This was made into a film, as well as subsequent novels High Fidelity, About a Boy and A Long Way Down. He has since written screenplays for a number of films, including An Education for which he was Oscar nominated. He lives and works in Highbury, North London.
On reading: Every time we pick up a book for a sense of duty and we find that we’re struggling to get through it, we’re reinforcing the notion that reading is something you should do but telly is something you want to do. It shouldn’t be like that. Novels should be like TV. It shouldn’t be hard work and we should do ourselves a favour.
Endearing, humorous and touching. Hugely enjoyable
Sunday Mirror
Hornby writes with a funny, fresh voice which skewers male and female foibles with hilarious accuracy Guardian
He should write for England Observer
recently been named as Ireland’s first fiction laureate.
On winning the Booker: What happens is that the world changes very quickly, but you don’t. The world suddenly looks at you with different eyes, but you’re not different. So, that’s interesting. The crowd is illuminated suddenly and I don’t really do crowds all that much. Readers only happen in ones.
Anne Enright cares about being right with words. To tell the story is not enough – it has to be well told Guardian
There are sentences in her work, whole passages even, that you want to mark up and learn off by heart Telegraph
Enright is a daring writer – witty, original and inventive . . . Utterly compelling Daily Mail
What we’re listening to . . .
We’re so pleased to be able to offer the new book from the master of LA Noir, James Ellroy. Perfidia is a dark, intricate thriller, set in LA around the time of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. With Ellroy’s trademark style, and a fabulous reading by Jeff Harding, you can’t go wrong! And there’s more to come from the author . . .
The Death’s Head Chess Club by John Donoghue had us gripped from the word go. Following the fortunes of both an Auschwitz prisoner and one of the SS officers based there, this looks at the possibility of forgiveness and redemption. Read by Mark Meadows.
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