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July 2015
Antony Beevor
On 16 December, 1944, Hitler launched his “last gamble” in the snow-covered forests of the Ardennes. He believed he could split the Allies by driving all the way to Antwerp, then force the Canadians and the British out of the war. Although his generals were doubtful of success, younger officers and NCOs were desperate to believe that their homes and families could be saved from the vengeful Red Army approaching from the east. The harsh winter conditions and the savagery of the battle became comparable to the eastern front. And after massacres by the Waffen-SS, even American generals approved when their men shot down surrendering Germans. The Ardennes was the battle which finally broke the back of the Wehrmacht.
Ardennes 1944 Hitler’s Last Gamble
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978-1-4450-4960-1 ILB150701
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Simon Brett
The Tomb in Turkey
Carole Seddon has never enjoyed holidays much. Nevertheless, she has allowed herself to be persuaded by her friend Jude to accept a fortnight’s free accommodation at a luxurious Turkish villa owned by Jude’s property developer friend Barney Willingdon. But from the outset the holiday is marred by a series of menacing incidents. As Carole and Jude launch into what they do best – investigating – it becomes clear that Barney Willingdon has made plenty of enemies, with his ruthless business deals and complicated love life. Matters come to a head when Carole’s sightseeing trip to nearby Pinara is curtailed by the discovery of a body in one of the ancient Lycian tombs. And what really did happen to Barney’s first wife, Zoe?
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Strangling on the Stage
Read by the Author
6 hours 35 minutes
Read by Seán Barrett
14 hours 35 minutes
Non-Fiction / War
Jane Casey
After the Fire
After a fire devastates the top floor of a tower block on the Maudling Estate, Maeve Kerrigan and her colleagues are called in. Their presence is needed because it’s a sensitive investigation – not because the cause was arson, or because several residents died, but because a body was found in the car park below the tower. It appears that controversial MP Geoff Armstrong, trapped by the fire, jumped to his death. But what was he doing there? The police can’t assume that Armstrong was the arsonist’s target. As Maeve and Derwent pick through the wreckage, they uncover the secret world of the eleventh floor. It’s a tough investigation, made harder by Maeve’s private life unravelling.
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Read by Caroline Lennon
11 hours 25 minutes IMP150702 Mystery
978-1-4450-5164-2 ILB150702
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