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January 2016
Jenny Colgan
Do You Remember the First Time?
Clive Cussler and Justin Scott The Bootlegger
It is 1920. Prohibition and bootlegging are in full swing. When Joseph Van Dorn is shot and nearly killed while in pursuit of a rum-running vessel, his friend and employee, Isaac Bell, swears to him that he will hunt down the lawbreakers. But Bell doesn’t know what he is getting into. When a witness to the shooting is executed in a manner peculiar to the Russian secret police, it becomes clear that these were no ordinary bootleggers. Bell is facing a team of Bolshevik assassins and saboteurs – and they are intent on overthrowing the government of the United States.
Also available by Clive Cussler: Ghost Ship; Havana Storm & The Striker
Read by Jeff Harding
9 hours 50 minutes
Adventure Suspense
Nicci French
Blue Monday
Monday: five-year-old Matthew Faraday is abducted. His face is splashed across newspapers. His parents and the police are desperate. Can anyone help find their little boy? Psychotherapist Frieda Klein just might know something. One of her patients describes dreams of seizing a boy who is the spitting image of Matthew. Convinced at first the police will dismiss her fears, Frieda reluctantly finds herself drawn into the heart of the case. A previous abduction, from 20 years ago, suggests a new lead – one that only Frieda, an expert on the minds of disturbed individuals, can uncover. Struggling to make sense of this terrifying investigation, Frieda will face her darkest fears in the hunt for a clever and brutal killer . . .
Read by Beth Chalmers
11 hours 10 minutes IMP160106 Mystery
Ever wished you could turn back time? Flora’s wish is about to come true.
As her best friend Tashy cuts into a wedding cake, 32-year-old Flora realises she is disillusioned with life. What she wouldn’t give to be 16 again . . . she’d give anything for a life less complicated – a life a little more, well, fun. But when her wish comes true, things don’t turn out quite as she expects. In the world of ten-odd-years-ago, Flora’s in for the shock of her life . . .
Also available by Jenny Colgan: Resistance is Futile; Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery & West End Girls
Read by Lucy Price-Lewis
7 hours 45 minutes
General Fiction
Umberto Eco
Numero Zero
1945, Lake Como. Mussolini and his mistress are captured and shot by local partisans. The precise circumstances of Il Duce’s death remain shrouded in controversy. 1992, Milan. Colonna, a depressed writer, is offered a fee he can’t refuse to ghost-write a memoir. His subject: a fledgling newspaper financed by a powerful media magnate. As Colonna gets to know the team, he learns the paranoid theories of Braggadocio, who is convinced that Mussolini’s corpse was a body-double and part of a wider Fascist plot. It’s the scoop he desperately needs. The evidence? He’s working on it. Colonna is sceptical. But when a body is found, and the paper is shut down, even he is jolted out of his complacency.
Also available by Umberto Eco:
The Prague Cemetery
Read by Mark Meadows
5 hours 5 minutes
General Fiction
7 CDs
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