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Ruth Ware
Writers for Readers Elizabeth Fremantle
Ruth Ware grew up in Lewes, in Sussex. After graduating from Manchester University she moved to Paris, before settling in North London. She has worked as a waitress, a bookseller, a teacher of English as a foreign language and a press officer. She is married with two small children. Her debut thriller, In a Dark, Dark Wood, was a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller, and has been optioned
Elizabeth Fremantle lives in London. She holds a first in English from Birkbeck where she also studied for an MA in Creative Writing. She has contributed to titles such as Vogue, The Sunday Times, The Wall Street Journal and Elle and spent some time in Paris working at French Vogue. Her fascination with early modern culture and writing led to her debut novel Queen’s Gambit, the first of a Tudor trilogy.
A great read. Sisters of Treason totally transports the reader to the Tudor court, with all its tensions and games
Katherine Webb, author of The Legacy
The research and historical detail are impeccable . . . and fans will enjoy this evocation of Elizabeth’s tumultuous court
A glamorous tale peopled by warrior poets, flamboyant courtiers and shameless loves, it is also sharp, perceptive and dramatic Sunday Express
Fremantle on creative process: For me writing is more craft than art; it is something you teach yourself to do and it improves with practice. Certainly there are character traits that suggest a propensity for the craft, all rather dull, I’m afraid: discipline, a desire for solitude, swottiness and the ability to consume vast quantities of tea and toast, because when you are on a roll the last thing you want to do is come over all Nigella.
for film by New Line Cinema.
A slickly plotted, whip smart thriller – genuinely chilling and totally compulsive Sunday Mirror
[A] chilling psychological thriller . . . a tense, claustrophobic marriage of secrets, tequila shots and shotguns
Sunday Express
Toxic friendships, an isolated house, a dark snowy wood . . . Everyone’s worst nightmare, and the perfect ingredients for this tense, terrifying novel Clare Mackintosh
This is one of the hottest crime debuts around, one that does for friendship what Gone Girl did for marriage Netgalley
Ware on writing process: I love the ideas stage, that point where you’re nudging at an idea and letting it take shape. It’s like an unscratched lottery ticket – it could be the most wonderful book ever written. It’s like being in the early stages of a love affair – full of possibility.
Exclusive Download-Only Short Story
We’re pleased to be able to offer an exclusive short story from crime writer Michael Ridpath. Available as a download only, it features the author’s series character, Magnus Ragnarsson.
The Polar Bear Killing – Michael Ridpath
When a polar bear is sighted in a sleepy Icelandic fishing village, then shot dead by local policeman Constable Halldór, it triggers a debate in the local community. Was Halldór a hero for killing the bear, or should the animal have been protected? Animal rights activists in the area see the constable as a villain, and when days later the dead body of Halldór is discovered at a remote beauty spot, the activists are immediately under suspicion. As Sergeant Magnus Ragnarsson and his colleague Detective Vigdís Audardóttir begin to investigate the policeman’s murder, they soon discover that things are not as clear-cut as might first appear. By degrees, Magnus and Vigdís are drawn into this small and complex community – one riven with rivalries and grudges – in search of a deadly killer . . .
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