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October 2016
Richard Hines
No Way But Gentlenesse
A Memoir of how Kes, My Kestrel, Changed My Life
Conn Iggulden
A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. The Yorkist king Edward IV is driven out of England, his wife and children forced to seek sanctuary from the House of Lancaster. Yet rage and humiliation prick Edward back to greatness. He lands at Ravenspur, with a half- drowned army and his brother Richard at his side. The brothers York will not go quietly into banishment. Yet neither Edward nor Richard realise that the true enemy of York has yet to reveal himself. Far away, Henry Tudor has become a man. He is the Red Dragon – “the man of destiny” who seeks to end the Wars of the Roses. His claim will carry him to Bosworth Field. There will be an ending – and a new royal house will stand over them all.
Also available by Conn Iggulden: Bloodline; Stormbird & Trinity
Read by Roy McMillan
13 hours 30 minutes
Adventure Suspense
Milly Johnson
Sunshine Over
Wildflower Cottage
Viv arrives at Wildflower Cottage, a tumbledown animal sanctuary, for the summer. Her job is to help with the admin, but the truth is she is here for something much closer to her heart . . . Geraldine runs the Wildflower Cottage sanctuary. She escaped from her past to find happiness here, but now her place of refuge is about to come under threat. Can she keep her history at bay and her future safe? Back home, Viv’s mother Stel thinks she might have found a man who will treat her right for once. Ian is kind, considerate, and clearly head over heels for her. That’s what she has wanted all along, isn’t it . . .?
Also available by Milly Johnson:
Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Café; It’s Raining Men & The Teashop on the Corner
Read by Colleen Prendergast
12 hours 20 minutes
General Fiction
Born and raised in the South Yorkshire mining village of Hoyland Common, it seemed all too likely that Richard Hines would end up working in the pits, especially when, unlike his older brother Barry, he failed the 11+. Crushed by this, and persecuted by the cruelty of his teachers, Richard spent his time in the fields. One morning, he came across a nest of kestrels. Instantly captivated, he sought out ancient falconry texts from the local library. With just these books and some ingenuity, Richard learned to “man”, or train, his kestrel, Kes, and in the process grow into the man he would become. Richard and his experiences with kestrels inspired Barry’s classic novel A Kestrel for a Knave.
Read by Jonathan Keeble
9 hours
978-1-4450-6050-7 ILB161004
9 CDs
978-1-4450-6047-7 ICD161004
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4450-6048-4 IMP161004
978-1-4450-6044-6 ILB161005
12 CDs
978-1-4450-6042-2 ICD161005
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4450-6043-9 IMP161005
Quintin Jardine
Private Investigations
Former Chief Constable Bob Skinner has uncovered his fair share of crime scenes over his thirty-year career. But few have affected him quite as much as the horrifying sight he finds stowed in the back of a stolen car that collides with his on the outskirts of Edinburgh. As his former colleagues investigate, Skinner takes on an unusual commission of his own. The body count rises, motives appear, the hunt goes global, and potential conflicts surface. In his new guise, is Skinner on the side of the angels . . . or working against them?
Also available by Quintin Jardine: Hour of Darkness; Last Resort & Pray for the Dying
Read by James Bryce
13 hours 55 minutes
978-1-4450-6076-7 ILB161006
12 CDs
978-1-4450-6074-3 ICD161006
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4450-6075-0 IMP161006
978-1-4450-5144-4 ILB161007
11 CDs
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MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4450-5142-0 IMP161007
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