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Helen Rappaport
Writers for Readers Paula Daly
Paula Daly was born in Lancashire. She was a self- employed physiotherapist before beginning her first novel Just What Kind of Mother Are You? which was nominated for Best First Novel by Strand Magazine. Her second novel Keep Your Friends Close was shortlisted for the 2014 CWA Goldsboro Gold Dagger Award. She lives in Cumbria with her husband, three children and whippet Skippy.
Daly writes convincingly of a warped mind, the cracks in family life and the small triggers that send events spiralling out of control Daily Mail
Fiendishly addictive as well as perceptive about guilt and social class Guardian
Utterly gripping, fast paced, and scarily believable
Lesley Pearse
On routine: I get the children off to school, put the washing machine on, walk the dog, and then start writing. I aim to write 800 –1000 words before lunch and I generally don’t switch the Wi-Fi back on until I’m done. I have to be really strict about this as I know after one-thirty p.m. I’m pretty much braindead.
Helen Rappaport is an historian and Russianist with specialisms in the Victorians and revolutionary Russia. Born in Bromley, she studied Russian at Leeds University before going into acting. After appearing on British TV and in films until the early 1990s she abandoned acting and embraced her second love — history. A fluent Russian speaker, she has translated many classic Russian plays and is also a
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frequent contributor to television and radio documentaries.
This is narrative history at its very best, communicating the confusion, exhilaration, horror and despair of that momentous year BBC History Magazine
Chronicles the events of 1917 through the eyes of foreigners resident in Petrograd . . . a wonderful array of observations, most of them misguided, some downright bizarre. What makes this book so delightful and enlightening is the depth of incredulity it reveals
The Times
Evocative and beautifully researched and told, this is narrative history at its best The Bookseller
On writing historical non-fiction: I came to writing history by a circuitous route, via a career as an actress, Russian translator, and then as an academic history editor. What I learned along the way has informed the way I write in many surprising and useful ways, so I don’t feel any of it was wasted.
What we’re listening to . . .
We’re always excited to see a new Belinda Bauer novel and The Beautiful Dead certainly didn’t disappoint. Crime reporter Eve is desperate for her next scoop – but when she attracts the attention of a killer, how far will she go for the story? Read by Andrew Wincott.
The Silence Between Breaths is Cath Staincliffe at her best. While it’s difficult to say too much without spoiling the book, suffice to say it’s a heart-rending story involving a group of strangers bound together by a terrible event. Read by David Thorpe.
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