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July 2017
Milly Johnson
The Queen of Wishful Thinking
When Lewis Harley has a health scare in his early forties, he takes it as a wake-up call. So he and his wife Charlotte leave behind life in the fast lane and Lewis opens an antiques shop. Bonnie Brookland was brought up in the antiques trade and now works for the man who bought out her father’s business, but she isn’t happy there. So when she walks into Lew’s shop, she knows this is the place for her. As Bonnie and Lew start to work together, they soon realise that there is more to their relationship than either thought. Each has secrets in their past which are about to be uncovered. Can they find the happiness they both deserve?
Also available by Milly Johnson: Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Café; Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage & The Teashop on the Corner
Read by
Colleen Prendergast
12 hours 40 minutes
General Fiction
978-1-4450-6761-2 ILB170707
12 CDs
978-1-4450-6759-9 ICD170707
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4450-6760-5 IMP170707
Dennis Lehane
Since We Fell
I loved you. I hated you. I never knew you . . . Rachel’s husband adores her. When she hit rock-bottom, he was there with her every step of the way as she slowly regained her confidence, and her sanity. But his mysterious behaviour forces her to probe for the truth about her beloved husband. How can she feel certain that she ever knew him? And was she right to ever trust him?
Also available by Dennis Lehane: The Drop; Live by Night & World Gone By
Read by Katherine Fenton
14 hours 40 minutes
Carole Matthews
12 CDs
978-1-4450-6565-6 ICD170708
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4450-6566-3 IMP170708
A Minor Indiscretion
Ali Kingston is happily married with three children. She isn’t the type to have her head turned – but then it isn’t every day that a gorgeous younger man falls at her feet. When Ed, Ali’s husband, finds out that she’s spent time with another man, he’s sure there’s more to it than just a minor indiscretion – so in a moment of madness he kicks Ali out of the house. Their family and friends do all they can to help Ali and Ed reconcile but nothing seems to work. And then fate intervenes . . .
Also available by Carole Matthews: The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding; Let’s Meet on Platform 8 & Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses
Read by Antonia Beamish
13 hours 10 minutes
General Fiction
12 CDs
978-1-4450-6706-3 ICD170709
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4450-6707-0 IMP170709
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