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July 2017
Colette McBeth
Sara Paretsky
V.I. Warshawski’s impossible god- daughter Bernie convinces her to look for August, a young film-maker who has disappeared. The evidence indicates that he has gone to Kansas in the company of Emerald, an older black movie actress who wants to film the story of her life. Her search takes V.I. from the military base Emerald was born on, to the farm where she grew up outside a university town, ploughing up past and present-day secrets as she goes. What is happening at the former nuclear missile site next door to the farm? Everywhere V.I. turns she seems to be finding more trouble – with not a sign of August and Emerald. And then trouble turns to death . . .
Also available by Sara Paretsky: Breakdown; Brush Back & Critical Mass
Read by Liza Ross
14 hours 45 minutes
An Act of Silence
These are the facts I collect. My son Gabriel met a woman called Mariela in a bar. She went home with him. The next morning she was found in an allotment. Mariela is dead. Linda Moscow loves her son; it’s her biological instinct to keep him safe. But if she’s not sure of his innocence, how can she stand by him? Should she go against everything she believes in to protect him? She’s done it before, and the guilt nearly killed her. Now, the past is catching up with them. As old secrets resurface, Linda is faced with another impossible choice. Only this time, it’s her life on the line . . .
Also available by Colette McBeth:
The Life I Left Behind
Read by Julia Franklin & David Thorpe
10 hours 5 minutes
978-1-4450-6602-8 ILB170710
10 CDs
978-1-4450-6600-4 ICD170710
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4450-6601-1 IMP170710
978-1-4450-6805-3 ILB170711
14 CDs
978-1-4450-6803-9 ICD170711
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4450-6804-6 IMP170711
James Runcie
Sidney Chambers and the Persistence of Love
It is May 1971 and Archdeacon Sidney Chambers is walking in a bluebell wood with his daughter Anna and their ageing Labrador, Byron, when they stumble upon a body. Thrust into another murder investigation, Sidney discovers a world of hippies and psychedelic plants. This is the first of many disturbing secrets that Sidney unearths: a celebrated photographer is accused of rape; a priceless religious text vanishes from a Cambridge college; and Sidney’s own nephew goes missing. Endeavouring to fit his clerical duties in around the demands of sleuthing, Sidney continues to reflect on the divine mysteries of love, life and faith, while wrestling with more earthly problems.
Also available by James Runcie: Sidney Chambers and the Dangers of Temptation; Sidney Chambers and the Forgiveness of Sins & Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil
New Releases 2017
ISIS audio books 7
Read by Peter Wickham
9 hours 45 minutes
978-1-4450-4409-5 ILB170712
9 CDs
978-1-4450-4406-4 ICD170712
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4450-4407-1 IMP170712

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