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October 2017
Stephen Leather
The Eight Curious Cases of Inspector Zhang
Chrissie Manby
The Worst Case Scenario Cookery Club
Crimes are rare in Singapore but when there’s one that has the police baffled, it is Inspector Zhang that they turn to. From locked- room mysteries to murders disguised as suicide, Inspector Zhang is able to draw on his experience as a detective along with tricks he has learned from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. See if you can solve the crimes before the Inspector – the clues are there!
Also available by Stephen Leather: Light Touch; Nightingale: A Short Story Collection & Penalties
Read by David Thorpe
7 hours 30 minutes
In the quaint seaside town of Newbay, a beginner’s cookery course is starting. And three very different students have signed up . . . Liz’s husband has left her for a twenty- something clean-eating blogger. John, newly widowed after 50 years of marriage. To 30-year-old workaholic Bella, the course is a welcome escape from her job. Their only common ground: between them, they can barely boil an egg! Enter talented chef Alex. As Liz, John and Bella encounter various disasters in the kitchen, the unlikely trio soon form a fast friendship. Their culinary skills might be catastrophic – but could the cookery club have given them a recipe for happiness?
Also available by Chrissie Manby: A Proper Family Adventure; A Proper Family Christmas & A Wedding at Christmas
Read by Karen Cass
9 hours 40 minutes
General Fiction
Karen Rose
I’m Watching You
Kristen Mayhew, the Chicago Public Defender’s office star prosecutor, is no stranger to success. With success comes danger though and it’s only a matter of time before she herself becomes a victim. A secret admirer is following Kristen’s every move. He kills the criminals she herself is powerless to stop, then sends her letters offering the murders as tokens of his respect. Kristen’s life is out of control and, as the body count rises, the killer’s obsessive need for retribution will make Kristen a target, along with everyone she holds dear . . .
Also available by Karen Rose: Don’t Tell; Every Dark Corner & Monster in the Closet
Read by Jeff Harding
14 hours 25 minutes IMP171009 Thriller
978-1-4450-6925178-73 ILB17014007
7 CDs
978-1-4450-6914-2 ICD171007
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4450-6915-9 IMP171007
978-1-4450-7006-3 ILB171008
9 CDs
978-1-4450-7004-9 ICD171008
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4450-7005-6 IMP171008
Carole Matthews
The Only Way is Up
Lily and Laurence had it all: the money, the car, a beautiful home in the Buckinghamshire countryside. Then Laurence loses his job and everything disappears. With nowhere to turn, Lily and Laurence are forced to take their two young children and move to a flea-ridden council house on a notoriously rough estate. As they try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, Lily constantly dreams of returning to her old, luxurious life. Will her dream come true or will she learn that money doesn’t always buy happiness?
Also available by Carole Matthews: A Compromising Position; It’s a Kind of Magic & A Minor Indiscretion
Read by Annie Aldington
11 hours 35 minutes
General Fiction
978-1-4450-6797-1 ILB171010
14 CDs
978-1-4450-6795-7 ICD171010
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4450-6796-4 IMP171010
12 CDs
978-1-4450-6700-1 ICD171009
6 ISIS audio books
New Releases 2017
MP3 CD (2 CDs)

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