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Born out of wedlock when her mother was only fourteen, Lucy Pocket has spent all her life with her disreputable grandmother, Eva. They are always in debt and resorting to theft in order to exist. Until her wealthy paternal grandfather buys her from Eva, determined to bring Lucy up to be a lady. When her grandfather dies, his despicable nephew cheats Lucy out of her inheritance, except for a run-down lodging house in Whitechapel, forcing Lucy to look after his three illegitimate children. Lucy is determined to make a life for herself, to search for her long-lost grandmother, creating the family she has always longed for.
Family Saga Listening Time 978 1 78502 070 4 12 CDs £53.50 read by 12 hrs 30 mins approx 978 1 78502 071 1 2 MP3 CDs £53.50 Willow Nash
Seventeen years old, Lily Rose scratches out a meagre living making lace, responsible for her siblings following the death of their parents. Hundreds of miles away, in London, Queen Victoria is preparing for her wedding. She will wear the most exquisite dress, bearing the famous Honiton lace. Lily is selected as one of the few to work on this top-secret commission, quickly making an impression, working day and night. But there are those who want to see Lily fall, including Squire Clinsden who issues her with a terrible ultimatum – work for him, and be subject to his unwanted advances, or put loved ones at risk.
Family Saga Listening Time 978 1 78502 056 8 12 CDs £53.50 read by 12 hrs 30 mins approx 978 1 78502 057 5 2 MP3 CDs £53.50 Penelope Freeman
MIST Mary Fitzgerald
Lark has been wandering the country for many years, with no real place to call home. Then she meets Matthew Williams, a Canadian who has inherited a run-down hill farm in North Wales. Young and enthusiastic, Matthew has no knowledge of farming and no experience of living in the countryside. Entranced by the beauty and wildness of the place, Lark agrees to help, and together they throw themselves into getting the farm onto its feet. Until a terrible accident brings Matthew’s father over from Canada, and suddenly none of their lives will be the same.
Family Saga Listening Time 978 1 78502 072 8 11 CDs £50.50 read by 12 hrs approx 978 1 78502 073 5 2 MP3 CDs £50.50 Janine Cooper Marshall
When an old man is murdered and his wife badly beaten in their San Francisco home, the police write it off as a break-in gone wrong. But the killing of Andrew Rington brings Joe Hunter and his partner Rink – the son of the murdered man – to the city. As more elderly men, all known to Rink’s mother, are brutally killed, Hunter and Rink find themselves on the trail of a vigilante killer enacting revenge for a long – buried crime. Now Joe and Rink must uncover the killer’s secret and stop him before he strikes again.
Thriller Listening Time 978 1 78502 026 1 9 CDs £45.50 read by 10 hrs approx 978 1 78502 027 8 2 MP3 CDs £45.50 Peter Noble

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