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Ex-counterterrorist soldier Joe Hunter accepts the task of protecting Billie Womack, after her husband, Richard, stole thirty million dollars from a violent gang. Richard apparently died in a car crash along with Billie’s daughter, Nicola, during a desperate attempt to elude his pursuers. But his enemies think he escaped. If he’s alive, they believe he’ll contact Billie. Soon she and Joe are fugitives at her remote farmhouse, with the bad guys in pursuit. Richard’s fate means nothing to Hunter, but he promises to do everything in his power to protect the grieving mother. It’s a pledge he will come to regret, as he learns that killers are forged on the Devil’s anvil.
Thriller Listening Time 978 1 78502 218 0 read by 10 hrs approx 978 1 78502 219 7 Matt Hilton
9 CDs £45.50 2 MP3 CDs £45.50
BLUE MOON Pam Weaver
Ruby Bateman works at the prestigious Warnes Hotel on Worthing seafront. She enjoys her job and the camaraderie with the girls at the hotel, but she also loves a day off . . . On an outing to the Sussex Downs, Ruby meets handsome photographer Jim Searle and instantly falls for him. The only cloud to overshadow her otherwise perfect trip is the dark mood of her father when she returns home. Ruby dreams of a life outside of the seaside town with Jim, but it falls to her to hold the Batemans together. However, a long- buried family secret may just undo all her hard work.
Family Saga Listening Time 978 1 78502 168 8 12 CDs £53.50 read by 14 hrs approx 978 1 78502 169 5 2 MP3 CDs £53.50 Penelope Freeman
When Tsar Alexander II decided to drag Russia into the industrial age, he began by inviting Welsh businessman John Hughes to build an ironworks. A charismatic visionary, John persuades influential people to invest in his venture, while concealing his greatest secret – he couldn’t even write his own name. John recruited adventurers prepared to sacrifice everything to ensure the success of Hughesovka (Donetsk, Ukraine). In a place where murderers, whores, and illicit love affairs flourish, The Tsar’s Dragons is their story of a new beginning in Hughesovka, a town of opportunity.
Family Saga read by
Mark Meadows
Listening Time 17 hrs approx
978 1 78502 140 4 978 1 78502 141 1 978 1 78502 142 8
15 CDs
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£57.50 £57.50 £53.50
WHISPERING HOPE Nancy Costello, Kathleen Legg,
Diane Croghan, Marie Slattery, Marina Gambold with Steven O’Riordan
On 19 February 2013 the Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny apologised to the women who had been incarcerated in Ireland’s Magdalene laundries. In the audience sat Steven O’Riordan, a documentary filmmaker and founder of the Magdalene Survivors Together group. And by his side were some of the women he had helped. Nancy, Kathleen, Diane, Marie and Marina were confined in Magdalene laundries throughout Ireland during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The physical and psychological abuse they suffered at the institutions, run on behalf of the State, led to a lifetime of shame and secrecy. Inspirational and moving, these women tell their stories for the first time.
Non-Fiction Listening Time 978 1 78502 238 8 8 CDs £42.50 read by 9 hrs approx 978 1 78502 239 5 1 MP3 CD £42.50 Caroline Lennon & Gerry O’Brien

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