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No one does glamour, girlish charm or tight-lipped witticism better than Dame Maggie Smith, one of Britain’s best-loved actors. This new biography shines a light on the life and career of a truly remarkable performer. From her days as a West End star of comedy, Dame Maggie’s path crossed with those of the greatest actors of the era, including Richard Burton, Laurence Olivier and Ingmar Bergman. Her career is a ‘Who’s Who’ of British theatre in the twentieth century. Despite recent roles in Downton Abbey and Harry Potter, she remains an enigmatic figure. Michael Coveney’s absorbing biography therefore allows an insight into the real Maggie Smith.
Non-Fiction Listening Time 978 1 78502 252 4 12 CDs £53.50 read by 14 hrs approx 978 1 78502 253 1 2 MP3 CDs £53.50 Sian Thomas
A DEATH IN THE FAMILY Caroline Dunford
In December 1909 the Reverend Joshia Martins expires in a dish of mutton and onions leaving his family on the brink of destitution. Joshia’s daughter, Euphemia, enters service to provide for her mother and little brother. She is young and fit and assumes the life of a maid won’t be too demanding. However, on her first day at the unhappy home of Sir Stapleford she discovers a murdered body. Euphemia’s innate sense of justice has her prying where no servant should look. She defends herself with her quick wits, sense of humour and the ultimate weapon of all virtuous young women, her scream.
Mystery read by Karen Cass
Listening Time 6 hrs approx
978 1 78502 200 5 978 1 78502 201 2 978 1 78502 202 9
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1879, York: Greta Costello works as a Saturday girl for an old jeweller, Saul Abrahams. Her long fingers and appreciation of beauty persuade Saul to train her as a pearl stringer, which leads her to a new life. 1879, Scotland: Jem Baillie knows the immense power of a perfect pearl. His father was a fisherman in Scotland, and together they found the rarest of pearls, a great white pearl they call Queenie. When this is stolen, they seek revenge. This is one woman’s journey to open the shell she has built around herself to reveal the true beauty within.
Family Saga Listening Time 978 1 78502 258 6 15 CDs £57.50 read by 13 hrs approx 978 1 78502 259 3 2 MP3 CDs £57.50 Anne Dover
Lizzie Flowers has had a hard life but she is full of East End grit. In the bleak years after World War I her family faced desperate times, but when barrow-boy Danny Flowers asked her to leave for a better life in Australia, she stayed true to her family’s roots. She married Danny’s brother Frank instead, a decision she bitterly regretted. Frank’s death, and her success running the greengrocer’s, gives Lizzie independence at last. And Danny has come back to marry her at last. But as their wedding day dawns, an unwelcome guest means life will never be the same again.
Family Saga Listening Time 978 1 78502 212 8 11 CDs £50.50 read by 12 hrs approx 978 1 78502 213 5 2 MP3 CDs £50.50 Annie Aldington

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