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Flora Maguire, a young governess, is on her way home on the SS Minneapolis after the wedding of her employer’s daughter. She meets the charming Bunny Harrington on deck on the first night and is conscious of her status among the first-class passengers. Flora finds the body of a man at the bottom of a companionway and when his death is pronounced as an accident, she is not convinced and is driven to find out the truth. Following a near drowning during a storm and a second murder, the hunt is on for the killer. Will Flora be able to protect Edward, her charge, as well as herself?
Mystery read by Karen Cass
Listening Time 10 hrs approx
978 1 78502 230 2 978 1 78502 231 9 978 1 78502 232 6
9 CDs
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£45.50 £45.50 £41.50
It’s 1948 and the nurses of the East End of London are making the most of life post-war. For Connie, things are looking rosy as she looks forward to planning a future with her sweetheart, Malcolm. But, as many a young bride-to-be has proved, the course of true love never did run smooth and Connie has to grapple with interfering mothers and Malcolm’s reluctance to set the date. Life at work isn’t all smooth sailing either. The newly-formed NHS is keeping the nurses of Fry House extremely busy, but new faces keep things interesting. And one in particular might be the answer to all of Connie’s problems . . .
Family Saga Listening Time 978 1 78502 303 3 15 CDs £57.50 read by 17 hrs 30 mins approx 978 1 78502 304 0 2 MP3 CD £57.50 Julie Maisey
Millie Gray
1939: The unexpected death of Sandra Anderson dramatically and ruthlessly changes forever the lives of the family she leaves behind. Kitty, her spoiled and pampered fifteen-year-old daughter, has to give up her dreams of a career, as she becomes the family drudge. Sandra’s heartbroken husband, Johnny, finds solace for his grief by becoming the main mouthpiece for his Trade Union in the shipyards, leaving little time for new-born Rosebud, whose birth caused her mother’s death. And to add to what seems insurmountable problems, Kitty and Johnny must try to fulfil the death bed promises they made to Sandra, which makes a nearly impossible situation even worse.
Family Saga read by Lesley Mackie
Listening Time 6 hrs 30 mins approx
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LAWLESS Jessie Keane
Ruby Darke is struggling to deal with the brutal murder of her lover, Michael Ward. As her children, Daisy and Kit, battle their own demons, her retail empire starts to crumble. Meanwhile, after the revenge killing of Tito Danieri, Kit is the lowest he’s ever been. But soon doubt is thrown over whether Kit killed the right person, and now the Danieris are out for his blood and the blood of the entire Darke family. As the bodies pile up, the chase is on – can the Darkes resolve their own family conflicts and find Michael Ward’s true killer before the vengeful Danieris kill them? Or will they take the law into their own hands . . .
Thriller Listening Time 978 1 78502 281 4 13 CDs £54.50 read by 14 hrs 30 mins approx 978 1 78502 282 1 2 MP3 CDs £54.50 Karen Cass

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