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A heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting debut from Sunday Mail Fiction Prize runner-up Isabel Jackson.
While her mother is at home giving birth, eleven-year-old Isa must look after her younger siblings, but when her little sister is killed in an accident on a train line she carries the guilt through the rest of her life. As Isa grows up, more tragedy strikes. Yet there is only so much Isa can endure over the years, and discovering her husband’s affair is the final straw. Believing she has failed as a sister, a daughter, a wife and a mother, she makes an irrevocable decision . . . but will she realise in time that her troubled past can also give her the strength to carry on?
Family Saga read by Lesley Mackie
Listening Time 9 hrs 30 mins approx
978 1 78502 305 7 978 1 78502 306 4 978 1 78502 307 1
9 CDs £45.50 1 MP3 CD £45.50 Download £41.50
Moments after she is born, Tessa Barcussy is branded as ‘trouble’. The day she is born, her father Freddie encounters a Romany Gypsy who makes a chilling prediction about Tessa’s destiny. Freddie finds it so disturbing that he writes it down and hides it in a sealed envelope – never to be opened, he hopes. Yet the gypsy’s words haunt him as he bonds with his new baby daughter. Hyper-sensitive and rebellious, Tessa grows up a misfit, difficult to handle and disruptive. Will the words of the Romany Gypsy come true? Or will they empower Tessa to finally become the person she was born to be?
Family Saga
read by
Charlotte Strevens
Listening Time 11 hrs approx
978 1 78502 311 8 978 1 78502 312 5 978 1 78502 313 2
10 CDs
2 MP3 CDs Download
£47.50 £47.50 £43.50
Jessie Keane
Fifteen-year-old Clara Dolan’s world is blown apart following the death of her mother. Battling to keep what remains of her family together, Clara vows to protect her younger siblings, Bernadette and Harry, from danger, whatever the cost. With the arrival of the swinging Sixties, Clara finds herself swept up in London’s dark underworld where the glamour of Soho’s dazzling nightclubs sits in stark contrast to the terrifying gangland violence that threatens the new life she has worked so hard to build. Sinking further into an existence defined by murder and betrayal, Clara soon realizes that success often comes at a very high price . . .
Thriller Listening Time 978 1 78502 283 8 12 CDs £53.50 read by 12 hrs 30 mins approx 978 1 78502 284 5 2 MP3 CDs £53.50 Karen Cass
The first enthralling story in the Oaklands Manor trilogy
England, 1912 is a place of rigid rules. A chance meeting between scullery maid Lizzy Parker and heiress Evie Creswell is about to break them all. Their meeting leads to an enduring friendship and a new job for Lizzy – it also draws her into a world of privilege and intrigue and delivers her into the loving arms of a killer. As she becomes embroiled in the dangerous life that Carlisle lives, she must decide if he can be trusted with the life of a close friend, and, ultimately, if he is worth the risk to her own . . .
Family Saga Listening Time 978 1 78502 322 4 12 CDs £53.50 read by 13 hrs approx 978 1 78502 323 1 2 MP3 CDs £53.50 Penelope Freeman

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