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The quality speaks for itself
January 2016
John Bude
The Lake District Murder
“Luke flung the light of his torch full onto the face of the immobile figure. Then he had the shock of his life. The man had no face! Where his face should have been was a sort of inhuman, uniform blank!” When a body is found at an isolated garage, Inspector Meredith is drawn into a complex investigation where every clue leads to another puzzle: was this a suicide, or something more sinister? Why was the dead man planning to flee the country? And how is this connected to the shady business dealings of the garage? This classic mystery novel is set amidst the stunning scenery of a small village in the Lake District.
Also available by John Bude: The Sussex Downs Murder
Read by Gordon Griffin
9 hours 30 minutes
Helen Carey
Lavender Road
Lavender Road boasts a pawnbroker, a pub, two rows of terraced working- class homes, and, at one end, the big house owned by the local brewer. When war breaks out, the lives and fortunes of the families who live in Lavender Road are changed out of all recognition. For Joyce, it means a struggle to keep food on the family table; for Jen it may mean the end of her dream to become an actress; and for Pam, there is the sickening seesaw of emotions as she fights attraction to her handsome lodger and a growing distance from a husband who is judged not fit to enlist.
14 CDs
Read by Annie Aldington MP3 CD (2 CDs)
15 hours 30 minutes 978-1-4079-6065-4 Family Saga SMP4975
9 CDs MP3 CD (1 CD)
SLB4974 SCD4974
978-1-4079-6066-1 SLB4975
978-1-4079-5755-5 978-1-4079-5756-2 SMP4974
Joyce Cato
An Unholy Mess
In the small Cotswold village of Heyford Bassett, vicar’s wife Monica Noble throws a party for the village’s new residents. The guests include Margaret Franklyn and her philandering husband Sean, a celebrity chef and her cartoonist beau, a retired Oxford Don with a secret, a forty-something divorcee, and the owner of a chain of gyms. A shotgun blast heralds the discovery of Margaret Franklyn’s body, terrifying the community on whom, inevitably, suspicion falls. Who to blame? The husband? Monica’s daughter who had been accused of stealing from the deceased? Monica swings into action with the local DI to save her daughter and solve the crime.
Also available by Joyce Cato: Birthdays Can Be Murder & Deadly Stuff
Read by Gordon Read by Karen Cass
978-1-4079-5981-8 SLB4976
8 CDs
978-1-4079-5978-8 SCD4976
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4079-5979-5 SMP4976
8 hours 30 minutes
Mystery 14 hours 30 minutes
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