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Juliet Nicolson
Donna Douglas
Flora, and one granddaughter, Imogen.
Nicolson is adept at evoking the atmosphere of a fleeting historical phase . . . her narrative is a kaleidoscope of different voices . . . the result is a poignant slice of micro-Walking by Night
Kate Ellis
There is an unpretentious directness about Nicolson’s approach to her subjects that gives the book a freshness and vitality. Happily, she also has an eye for the amusing or the ironic
The Scotsman
I couldn’t put it down . . . Enthralling, touching and beautifully written Joanna Lumley
On writing: It came about by accident. My friend, now my literary agent, Ed Victor, phoned me out of the blue and asked me to help Lady Annabel Goldsmith research her autobiography. I enjoyed it and found I had a knack for it, so I decided to write a book. Given my family, it was probably inevitable.
Fans of Call the Midwife will enjoy this Woman’s Own
A warm-hearted tale of friendship, love and overcoming all the odds. Be warned – tear-jerking moments will creep up on you! Prima Magazine
Written in a heart-warming and easy-going style, it is a perfect book to curl up with on a winter’s afternoon Nursing Standard
On the Nightingales series: I researched endlessly, talking to former nurses, reading books and journals and raiding archives. And the more I read, the more fascinated I became. I decided to start at the beginning of the story, with three students taking their first steps into nursing. I also decided to give them very different backgrounds, to see how they coped. And so The Nightingale Girls was born.
Juliet Nicolson is the author of two works of history, The Great Silence: 1918-1920 Living in the Shadow of the Great War and The Perfect Summer: Dancing into Shadow in 1911, and a novel, Abdication. The granddaughter of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson and the daughter of Nigel Nicolson, she lives with her husband in East Sussex, not far from Sissinghurst, where she spent her childhood. She has two daughters, Clemmie and
Donna Douglas is the author of The Nightingale Girls, the first in a series of stories set in an East End Hospital in the 1930s. She began writing stories on top of the coal shed in a south London back yard when she was a child, but has since graduated to a spare room at her home in York, where she lives with her husband and a cat called Trevor. She has a grown-up daughter. When she’s not working, Donna enjoys walking, reading and watching trashy daytime TV.
What we’re listening to . . .
We loved Janet Macleod Trotter’s The Jacobite Lass, read by Lesley Mackie. Set in turbulent 18th century Scotland this passionate story is inspired by the true story of Scottish heroine Flora MacDonald and Bonnie Prince Charlie.
And for fans of family sagas we can’t recommend Margaret Dickinson’s latest novel The Buffer Girls enough. Set in 1920, we see the Ryan family trying to adapt to life after the war. Read by Anne Dover.
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