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The quality speaks for itself PUBLICATION SCHEDULE July releases
August releases
September releases
John G. Brandon
Helen Carey
4 Anthea Fraser
Susanna Gregory
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
5 Edward Marston
Betty Neels
Juliet Nicolson
6 Pauline Rowson
Hallie Rubenhold
M. J. Trow
M. J. Trow
7 M. J. Trow
Val Wood
A Scream in Soho London Calling Whistler’s Lane
A Grave Concern
The Land of My Dreams Dance of Death
The Promise of Happiness
A House Full of Daughters Silent Running
The French Lesson
Scorpions’ Nest Maxwell’s Grave Maxwell’s House Children of the Tide
Elizabeth Chadwick
8 David Donachie Donna Douglas
Marjorie Eccles
Veronica Heley
9 Lynn Knight
Peter Lovesey
Beryl Matthews
10 Alan Melville
Annie Murray
Denise Robins
M. J. Trow
11 M. J. Trow
Denise Welch
The Running Vixen
The Perils of Command
The Nurses of Steeple Street
Heirs and Assigns
Murder by Suspicion
The Button Box
Another One Goes Tonight
The Day Will Come Death of Anton Now the War is Over
Light the Candles Maxwell’s Curse Maxwell’s Reunion
If They Could See Me Now
Maureen Boleyn
12 Peter Lovesey
Ellie Dean
Stephen Done
13 Penrose Halson
Penny Jordan
Edward Marston
Netta Muskett
14 Pamela Oldfield
Christopher St John Sprigg
M. J. Trow
M. J. Trow
15 Val Wood
Cathy Woodman
Driftwood House
The Summons
Shelter from the Storm
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Marriages are Made in Bond Street Response
Steps to the Gallows House of Many Windows After the Storm
Death of an Airman
Maxwell’s Movie
Maxwell’s War
Rosa’s Island
Springtime at Cherry Tree Cottage
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