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July 2016
The quality speaks for itself
John G. Brandon
Helen Carey
London Calling
It will take more than Hitler’s Luftwaffe to break the spirit of the residents of Lavender Road. If courage, resilience and a shared sense of humour could win wars, the conflict would already be over. It’s not all harmony, though. Nurse Molly Coogan and would-be actress Jen Carter certainly don’t see eye to eye. Molly, despite hating the strict discipline of wartime hospital life, is unimpressed by flighty Jen’s prima donna ways. While pretty Jen, unaware of Molly’s secret heartache, can’t resist taking her own personal frustrations out on Molly. It’s probably just as well that no one knows what challenges lie ahead . . .
Also available by Helen Carey:
Lavender Road
Read by Annie Aldington
21 hours 30 minutes
Family Saga
A Scream in Soho
Soho during the blackouts of the Second World War. When a piercing scream rends the air and a bloodied knife is found, Detective Inspector MacCarthy is soon on the scene. He must move through the dark, seedy Soho underworld – peopled by Italian gangsters, cross-dressing German spies and glamorous Austrian aristocrats – as he attempts to unravel the connection between the mysterious Madame Rohner and the theft of secret anti-aircraft defence plans.
Read by Gordon Read by Gordon Griffin
978-1-4079-6199-6 SLB5043
7 CDs
978-1-4079-6196-5 SCD5043
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4079-6197-2 SMP5043
978-1-4079-6063-0 SLB5044
20 CDs
CD 978-1-4079-6061-6 SCD5044
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
MP3 978-1-4079-6062-3 SMP5044
7 hours 14 hours 30 minutes
Mystery Mystery
Anthea Fraser
Whistler’s Lane
Despite her refusal to face the truth, some mysterious force makes Sophie leave her lover Jake and her secure normal student life in London for the village of Pendlemere lurking under the sinister Pendle Hill. For centuries Pendlemere has been the source of legends of witchcraft and, with a growing sense of fear, Sophie knows that she has been there before, perhaps in another existence . . .
Also available by Anthea Fraser: Justice Postponed; Laura Possessed & The Unburied Past
Read by Emma Powell
7 hours 30 minutes
Susanna Gregory
A Grave Concern
Identifying the murderer of the Chancellor of the University is not the only challenge facing physician Matthew Bartholomew. Many of his patients have been made worse by the ministrations of a “surgeon” recently arrived from Nottingham, his sister is being rooked by the mason she has commissioned to build her husband’s tomb, and his friend, Brother Michael, has been offered a Bishopric which will cause him to leave Cambridge. Brother Michael is determined that the new Chancellor will be a man of his choosing. The number of contenders putting themselves forward for election threatens to get out of control, then more deaths in mysterious circumstances make it appear that someone is taking extreme measures to manipulate the competition.
Also available by Susanna Gregory: The Cheapside Corpse; The Chelsea Strangler & A Poisonous Plot
Read by David Thorpe
978-1-4079-5991-7 SLB5045
7 CDs
978-1-4079-5988-7 SCD5045
MP3 CD (1 CD)
14 hours 30 minutes SMP5045 Mystery
13 CDs
978-1-4079-3592-8 SCD5046
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4079-3593-5 SMP5046
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