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Susanna Gregory
Gwen Moffat
series of medieval mysteries under the pseudonym Simon Beaufort. She is also a member of the Medieval Murderers, a group of writers who give talks and presentations at literary festivals, as well as writing books together.
Susanna Gregory writes with fluency and energy, avoids archaic vocabulary, despite her 14th-century setting and, having had a career as an academic, bases the stories in this enjoyable series on careful research Literary Review
Gregory brings to bear her extraordinary ability to paint a period picture of London in all its grimness and grittiness. Hats off to the lady! Daily Mail
Intrigue, detection, and action are blended perfectly with plot elements drawn from historical details that make the era come to life Publishers Weekly
On historical setting: I’ve always loved medieval history, and I think I just chose a time where a lot was happening. There were the wars with the French, and then along came the Black Death. It must have been a terrifying time, and it’s almost impossible to imagine what people must have felt about it.
the Lake District to enjoy a successful writing career. She is also a prolific writer and novelist, with more than 30 books to her name. Her novels are set in remote communities ranging from the Hebrides to the American West.
Her prose is beautiful, frank, tentative, full of the mountain landscape, and she demonstrates eloquently that a book about climbing can easily be a book about people too The Guardian
A rather exceptional story of an exceptional girl – easier to admire than to like – and a candid, casual account of a vagrant committed only to the excitement, and terror, of high places
Kirkus Reviews
Gwen Moffat creates vivid characters and not only manages a fast-moving, well-patterned plot, but also shows an aptitude for brilliant atmospheric set pieces Daily Mail
On climbing: When I look back now on my climbing times, it seems like a different life. You lose flexibility, and once your physical strength goes, so too does your confidence, and that’s it. Nowadays I’ll look at pictures of some of the things I did, the crux of some route on Ben Nevis, and suddenly I’ll think, did I do that? Was that really me?
Susanna Gregory was a police officer in Leeds before taking up an academic career. She studied at the University of Durham before earning a PhD at Cambridge. She is the creator of the Matthew Bartholomew series of mysteries set in medieval Cambridge and the Thomas Chaloner adventures in Restoration London. She now lives in Wales with her husband, who is also a writer, and the two have published another
Gwen Moffat was the first woman to qualify as a mountain guide in the UK and is one of the greatest female climbers this country has ever produced. After six years’ service in the Land Army and the ATS during World War Two and a brief spell as property mistress in a Brighton theatre, she became the first British female mountain guide. She lived on a boat with her daughter, travelled and climbed widely and latterly moved to
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We’ve been enjoying the new sagas from Kitty Danton, Evie’s War and Evie’s Allies. Set in Devon, Evie is a primary school teacher dealing with tribulations of life during the war, as well as romance and relationships. Read by Emma Powell, with a third novel due soon.
Kate Moore reads her own book, The Radium Girls, the tragic story of the dial painters who died from their exposure to radium while working. A fascinating book, this is a testament to the woman who fought hard to have their condition recognised.
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