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Anne Baker
Anne Sebba
Baker’s understanding and compassion for very human dilemmas makes her one of romantic fiction’s most popular authors Lancashire Evening Post
With characters who are strong, warm and sincere, this is a joy to read Coventry Evening Telegraph
Another nostalgic story oozing with atmosphere and charm
Liverpool Echo
On becoming a writer: I was about 14 when an essay competition was set for the whole of the senior school. Essay writing was my one talent, so although there were many older pupils eligible to enter, I decided to have a go. I was thrilled and delighted when it was announced that I had won the prize [ . . . ] It turned out to be ten shillings, or 50 pence in today’s money. It doesn’t sound much now but my pocket money was sixpence a week so ten shillings was relative riches. It was the first money I ever earned with my pen and it gave me such a dose of ambition I’ve never got over it.
One of the best researched, least rabid accounts of the Vichy era Times Literary Supplement
The fruit of thorough research and interviews with survivors, this is a collage of extraordinary stories The Tablet
Sebba skilfully weaves the history of 1940s Paris through the remarkable stories of women from all walks of life Spectator
This is an elegant, enthralling and richly illustrated account of how the female residents of the French capital survived the Second World War and its aftermath with Parisian panache
Sunday Express
On Les Parisiennes: I’ve always been fascinated by this period in history, and especially the defeat of France, and [ . . . ] I wanted to explore the choices available to women. There’s been so much written about the military side of defeat, the political side of defeat, but I really wanted to explore the grass roots perspective of war on the home front, how women on a daily basis, particularly in Paris, had to respond in order to stand up to their German occupiers.
Anne Baker trained as a nurse at Birkenhead General Hospital, but after her marriage went to live first in Libya and then in Nigeria. She eventually returned to her native Birkenhead where she worked as a Health Visitor for over ten years before taking up writing. Anne Baker has written over 30 heartwarming Merseyside sagas.
Anne Sebba read History at King’s College London. She then joined Reuters as a foreign correspondent based in London and Rome, followed by a couple of years in New York, where she started her freelance career. She has written nine works of non- fiction, mostly about iconic women, including Mother Teresa, Laura Ashley and Jennie Churchill, Winston’s American Wife. She is married with three children.
What we’re listening to . . .
Kate Ellis returns with a standalone crime novel that had us hooked. Set just after the Great War, the inhabitants of a rural Derbyshire village are horrified by a series of brutal murders. A High Mortality of Doves is read by Peter Noble.
For fans of Poldark, Pengelly’s Daughter by Nicola Pryce is a sweeping Cornish saga. With her family facing ruin, Rose Pengelly is betrothed to the man she believes responsible for her father’s downfall. Read by Penelope Freeman.
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