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April 2017
The quality speaks for itself
Anne Baker
A View Across the Mersey
John Bude
The Cheltenham Square Murder
In the seeming tranquility of Regency Square in Cheltenham live the diverse inhabitants of its ten houses. One summer’s evening, the square’s rivalries and allegiances are disrupted by a sudden and unusual death – an arrow to the head, shot through an open window at no. 6. Unfortunately for the murderer, an invitation to visit had just been sent by the crime writer Aldous Barnet, staying with his sister at no. 8, to his friend Superintendent Meredith. Three days after his arrival, Meredith finds himself investigating the shocking murder. Six of the square’s inhabitants are keen members of the Wellington Archery Club, but if Meredith and Long thought that the case was going to be easy to solve, they were wrong . . .
Also available by John Bude: The Cornish Coast Murder; Death on the Riviera & The Lake District Murder
Read by Gordon Griffin
8 hours 30 minutes
The youngest of five siblings, Lottie Mortimer has never felt like she belonged. Her mother died shortly after she was born, leaving her father and grandmother to raise the family and, despite their love and support, Lottie can’t help wondering if there is something they are not telling her . . . With the First World War over, the Mortimers’ ship-owning business is struggling to survive and Lottie, who works with her father, worries what the future will hold. Meanwhile, her elder sister Eunice is trapped in an unhappy marriage that causes concern for them all. Then Lottie discovers the shocking truth about her birth that turns her world upside down and the dramatic events that unfold affect them all . . .
Also available by Anne Baker: Liverpool Gems; A Liverpool Legacy & Wartime Girls
Read by Anne Dover
13 hours
Family Saga
978-1-4079-6686-1 SLB5151
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David Donachie
A Treacherous Coast
1796. Pearce and his wife Emily are living in Bath when Minister of War Henry Dundas turns up and suggests a second mission to the Vendée, this time as a liaison between the French émigrés intending to land in Brittany and the British naval and military commanders who will accompany them. The proposed expedition looks promising and Pearce takes the bait. Once at sea, however, Pearce and his crew encounter a French fleet and an indecisive battle ensues off the Île de Groix. Pearce, accompanied by his faithful Pelicans, must go ashore into dangerous territory to check the lay of the land and find the allies . . .
Also available by David Donachie: The Devil to Pay; Honour be Damned & The Perils of Command
Read by Peter Wickham
10 hours 30 minutes
Adventure Suspense
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