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April 2017
The quality speaks for itself
Susanna Gregory
A Plague on Both Your Houses
J. M. Gregson
Final Act
A successful British television producer who fancies himself as a Hollywood mogul, Sam Jackson makes enemies easily and delights in the fact. It is no great surprise that such a man should meet a violent death. Detective Chief Superintendent Lambert and Detective Sergeant Hook deduce that the person who killed him is almost certainly to be found among the company of actors who are shooting a series of detective mysteries in rural Herefordshire. But these are people who make a living by acting out other people’s fictions – and the two detectives find interrogating them a difficult business. How can Lambert and Hook fight their way to the truth when faced with a cast of practised deceivers?
Also available by J. M. Gregson: Cry of the Children; Rest Assured & Skeleton Plot
Read by David Thorpe
7 hours 30 minutes
In 1348, the inhabitants of Cambridge live under the shadow of a terrible pestilence that has ravaged Europe. Physician Matthew Bartholomew, however, is distracted by the inexplicable death of the Master of Michaelhouse. When three more scholars die in mysterious circumstances, Bartholomew begins his own enquiry. His pursuit for the truth leads him to question the innocence of his closest friends, and even his family. And then the Black Death finally arrives and Bartholomew is dragged deeper into a quagmire which threatens not only his life, but the continued existence of the University.
Also available by Susanna Gregory: The Chelsea Strangler; The Executioner of St Paul’s & A Grave Concern
Read by David Thorpe
12 hours
Anna Jacobs
The Honeyfield Bequest
1901, Wiltshire: Kathleen’s family are determined to force her into marriage with a violent man. In desperation she runs away and finds what consolation she can for her lost dreams. Then tragedy strikes and Kathleen seeks refuge at Honeyfield House, where a charitable bequest has created a hiding place for families in trouble. Nathan fought in the Great War and is now using his gift for finding lost people as a detective. Taking on the job of finding Kathleen, he is shocked to discover a woman he can love, not the vicious female he was led to expect. Can the two of them make a new life together, or will evil triumph?
Also available by Anna Jacobs: Cinnamon Gardens; A Time For Hope & A Time to Rejoice
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Read by Patience Tomlinson
9 hours 30 minutes
General Fiction
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