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The fantastic Quintin Jardine is re-visiting his Oz Blackstone series in these two short stories:
Born to be Wild
Ten years ago, Oz Blackstone, movie icon, died tragically while filming in remote Guatemala; mourned by millions, his story came to an end, and his secrets died with him. His soulmate Primavera Phillips took their young son Tom back to the Spanish village where he was conceived and built a new life for them both, in his honour. Oh yes, Oz Blackstone is dead, but . . .
Read by Joe Dunlop
The Last Chickenpig
Born to Be Wild began with the death of Oz Blackstone, movie hero and idol of millions, and tells how it might not have happened. The Last Chickenpig carries on the yarn as seventeen-year-old Tom, Oz’s son with his soul-mate Primavera Phillips, goes in search of his father.
Read by David Thorpe
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What we’re listening to . . .
After watching the BBC documentary SAS: Rogue Warriors, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the book behind the series and SAS: Rogue Heroes didn’t disappoint. With unprecedented access to secret files and exclusive interviews, Ben Macintyre lifts the lid on the most mysterious military organisation in the world in this first ever authorised history.
And we always look forward to catching up with the ladies of Lavender Road. Helen Carey’s The Other Side of the Street brings to life the spirit of the war years and as the tide of war turns, the street are united in both sorrow and joy once again in this heart-warming saga. Read by Annie Aldington.
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