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July 2017
Anna Jacobs
Tomorrow’s Path
As a longstanding fan of bestselling author Jivan Childering, aspiring young novelist Jessica Lord is dismayed on encountering the man himself to find him stand-offish. But, some months later, many thousands of miles away in Western Australia, Jessica’s path is destined to cross with Jivan’s once more and she begins to see a different side to this talented yet reserved and private man. For his part, Jivan finds himself increasingly drawn to the unpretentious Jessica, and impressed by her single-minded determination to follow her dreams. But following a bitter divorce, Jivan has vowed never to get romantically involved with a woman again. Can Jessica break down his emotional barriers?
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Read by Anne Dover
8 hours
Penny Jordan
An Unforgettable Man
8 CDs MP3 CD (1 CD)
SLB5196 SCD5196
At 16, Courage Bingham had been innocent and unawakened, but her body had been passionately responsive when she felt strong, youthful hands caress her in the dark of her family’s summerhouse. Shame and guilt had tormented her ever since, combined with an equally aching need for this unknown – unseen – stranger. Now, Courage worried that her senses were playing tricks on her. Gideon Reynolds, her harsh-featured, merciless new boss, could arouse her as only one other man ever had. Could they be one and the same? And, if they were, how would Gideon exact payment for her past deception?
978-1-4079-6787-5 978-1-4079-6788-2 SMP5196
Norah Lofts
To See a Fine Lady
When, at the Pollards Harvest Supper of 1817, Araminta Glover was seduced by Jan Honeywood, the outcome seemed inevitable. Araminta, like so many servant girls, would marry her poor suitor and prepare to raise a large family on nine shillings a week. But 17-year-old Araminta was determined enough to rebel against the pattern of impoverished rural life and, putting marriage and Jan firmly behind her, she accepted the post of dairymaid in the house of the strange Mrs Stancy – thrifty, terrifying, and vicious – a woman who was not what she appeared to be . . . And here begins a new life for Araminta Glover . . .
Also available by Norah Lofts: Esther; The Lute Player & Madselin
Read by Charlotte Strevens
9 hours
Historical Romance
978-1-4079-6468-3 SLB5197
6 CDs
978-1-4079-6621-2 SLB5198
8 CDs
978-1-4079-6618-2 SCD5198
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4079-6619-9 SMP5198
Read by Karen Cass MP3 CD (1 CD)
6 hours 30 minutes 978-1-4079-6466-9 Romance SMP5197
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