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The British Library Crime Classics have been a fabulous recent addition to the Soundings list, and we have some exclusive
seasonal shorts to bring you:
Margery Allingham The Man with the Sack
Faced with an invitation he can’t refuse, Albert Campion is spending Christmas with the Turretts at Pharaoh’s Court, along with the Welkins and Mike Peters, a young man trying to shake off his father’s reputation. But when Santa Claus is implicated in a burglary, Campion’s skills are put to use.
Read by David Thorpe
Victor Gunn Death in December
When Chief Inspector Bill “Ironsides” Cromwell accepts an invitation to spend Christmas at his sergeant’s family seat, Cloon Castle, he doesn’t realise the mysteries he’ll encounter. First, there is a mysterious figure who leaves no footprints, despite the heavy snow. Then an incident in a haunted room leads to a much more sinister mystery.
Read by Gordon Griffin
Fergus Hume The Ghost’s Touch
When Dr Lascelles is invited to spend Christmas at Ringshaw Grange with Frank Ringan and his cousin Percy, he doesn’t expect it to be such a noteworthy episode. But with talk of the Grange’s ghost, Lady Joan, events take a darker turn.
Read by Gordon Griffin
Ianthe Jerrold Off the Tiles
Inspector James Quy is called to 33 Chain Street, to investigate the death
of Miss Lillah Keer. At first glance, it appears to be an accidental death. But Quy’s sharp mind and intuition lead him in a different direction.
Read by Penelope Freeman
Edgar Wallace The Chopham Affair
Alphonse Riebiera was a man who had a way with women, women who would fall under his spell and then regret it. But this time, it seems he may have picked the wrong woman.
Read by Gordon Griffin
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