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October 2017
The quality speaks for itself
Susanna Gregory
Wendy Kremer
A Masterly Murder
Michaelhouse is in uproar: Kenyngham the saintly but ageing Master has announced his retirement and with unseemly haste Runham arranges his own “election” as his successor. Within days he has dismissed several members of staff, including the redoubtable laundress Agatha, and is making life so unpleasant for the scholars that even Matthew Bartholomew believes his future as physician and teacher at the college is untenable. But Matthew has many patients to divert his attention and Brother Michael, Proctor of the fledgling university, has some suspicious deaths to investigate. Then Runham himself is murdered and, although mourned by none, Matthew and Michael know they have to solve the mystery before any more damage is done to their beloved Michaelhouse.
Also available by Susanna Gregory: A Deadly Brew; The Habit of Murder & A Wicked Deed
Read by David Thorpe
18 hours
16 CDs
978-1-4079-6744-8 SCD5231
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4079-6745-5 SMP5231
Uneasy Alliance
Joanne is intelligent, capable – and beautiful. Her female colleagues always assume this plays a major part in her rapid promotions, no matter where she works, and now all she has to show for her efforts is her current state of unemployment and a string of short-lived jobs on her CV. Signing up with an exclusive dating agency, she meets tycoon Benedict North – an exceptional, charismatic man. But when she finally lands a job, Joanne is unsure of whether there is room in her life for him – despite her growing feelings . . .
Read by Emma Powell
5 hours 30 minutes
978-1-4079-6786-8 SLB5233
5 CDs
978-1-4079-6783-7 SCD5233
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4079-6784-4 SMP5233
Ruth Hamilton
Daughters of Penny Lane
In 1946, Alice Quigley returns to her childhood home on Penny Lane, having lost her house in Bootle and three sisters to the bombs that fell over Liverpool. Estranged from her husband Dan, she finds comfort in living closer to her remaining sister, Nellie. But even though the bombs have stopped falling, tremors still rock the family when Alice’s reviled mother is kicked out of Nellie’s home and seeks vengeance. Alice is desperate to start a family of her own and be a much better example to her own children. When visions from the past resurface, she soon uncovers a dark secret that her mother has kept hidden for so long . . .
Also available by Ruth Hamilton: Meet Me at the Pier Head; A Mersey Mile & Midnight on Lime Street
Read by Marlene Sidaway
12 hours
Family Saga
Download 12 CDs
978-1-4079-5742-5 978-1-4079-5739-5 SLB5232 SCD5232
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4079-5740-1 SMP5232
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