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October 2017
Colin Taylor
The Life of a Scilly Sergeant
“Policing is like this everywhere but not everywhere is Scilly”
Meet Sergeant Colin Taylor, he has been a valuable member of the police force for over 20 years, five of which have been spent policing the “quiet” Isles of Scilly, a group of islands off the southwestern tip of the Cornish peninsula. Colin has made it his purpose to keep the streets of Scilly free from drunk anchor thieves, Balance Board riders and other culprits, mostly drunken, intent on breaking the law. This book charts the day to day trials and tribulations of a small-island police officer, told in a perfectly humorous and affectionate way. This book is a fantastic read and Colin’s antics are soon to be the feature of a major ITV TV series.
Read by Kris Dyer
8 hours
Edward Marston
8 CDs
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4079-7049-3 SMP5235
SLB5235 SCD5235
Date with the Executioner
1817. Dawn breaks on a summer’s day in Chalk Farm, London, and the scene is set for a duel between a lady’s two ardent admirers. Paul Skillen has been teaching Mark Bowerman how to shoot properly, and although he is not sanguine of his chances, stands as his second. Although the duel is broken up, the passions behind the duel seem to spill out into the full light of day when one of the two duellists is found dead, shot between the eyes. Paul and his twin Peter are determined to see justice done and are soon enmeshed in threads of inheritance, treachery and fraud.
Also available by Edward Marston: The Counterfeit Crank; The Enemy Within & The Vagabond Clown
Read by Gordon Griffin
11 hours
Rebecca Tope
The Bowness Bequest
Winter has arrived in the town of Windermere, and has brought with it the death of Frances Henderson, the best friend of Persimmon “Simmy” Brown’s mother. Simmy must cope with the loss of an important figure from her childhood, as well as the confusion at being bequeathed something in Frances’s will. When Frances’s husband is violently murdered, Simmy must face the fact that the family she was once so close to as a child, holds some dark secrets. Keen to keep out of the investigation, Simmy must not only face these personal dilemmas, but deal with Ben Harkness and Bonnie Lawson’s enthusiasm for solving crimes, as well as her father’s worsening dementia, and her own mother’s grief for her best friend.
Also available by Rebecca Tope: A Cotswold Casebook; Guilt in the Cotswolds & The Hawkshead Hostage
Read by Julia Franklin
9 hours SMP5234 Mystery
978-1-4079-6865-0 SLB5234
10 CDs
978-1-4079-6862-9 SCD5234
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4079-6873-5 SLB5236
8 CDs
978-1-4079-6870-4 SCD5236
MP3 CD (1 CD)
978-1-4079-6871-1 SMP5236
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