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January 2018
Holly Green
Workhouse Angel
Angelina was abandoned on the doorsteps of Brownlow Workhouse when she was just a baby. The only clues to her parentage are her golden curls and the rag doll she held in her arms. Nicknamed “Angel”, she finds a friend in the little orphan girl May who protects her from the harshness of workhouse life as best she can. When Angel is adopted by the McBrides, she thinks at first that she has found a family to call her own. However, her new parents are not the pillars of society they seem. But then a man comes to the workhouse, looking for the little girl he was forced to give up. A girl with golden hair and a rag doll, who isn’t an orphan after all . . .
Also available by Holly Green: Workhouse Orphans
Read by Julie Maisey
11 CDs
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4079-7187-2 SMP5269
Julia Gregson
Monsoon Summer
Oxfordshire, 1947. Exhausted by the war and nursing a tragic secret, Kit Smallwood flees to Wickam Farm to recuperate. There she throws herself into helping set up a charity sending midwives to India. Then Kit meets Anto, a handsome, complicated but charming trainee doctor nearing the end of his English education, and she falls utterly in love. But when Anto informs his family that he is to return home with an English bride, his parents are appalled. As they journey to a new life in India, Kit begins to realise the seriousness of what she has undertaken.
12 hours 978-1-4079-7188-9
Family Saga
Susanna Gregory
A Killer in Winter
Cambridge, 1354. Christmas nears and the town is gripped by the worst blizzards in living memory. The weather has trapped many travellers in the town, including Matthew’s erstwhile love, Philippa. She and her wealthy husband are invited to Michaelhouse for the main feast, and Matthew is horrified that he does not immediately recognise the woman who once stole his heart. He is relieved to accept Brother Michael’s orders to identify a man found dead, apparently from exposure, in a nearby church. The success of his mission brings him closer to Philippa’s circle, for the man was her husband’s servant. And then the husband himself is found dead, victim of an accident on the treacherous ice of the Fens – or something more sinister?
Also available by Susanna Gregory: A Masterly Murder; An Order for
Death & A Summer of Discontent 17 CDs 978-1-4079-6750-9
978-1-4079-7186-5 SLB5269 SCD5269
Read by David Thorpe SCD5270
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
Read by Charlotte Strevens
14 hours
Historical Romance
978-1-4079-7263-3 SLB5271
14 CDs
978-1-4079-7260-2 SCD5271
MP3 CD (2 CDs)
978-1-4079-7261-9 SMP5271
19 hours 978-1-4079-6751-6 Mystery SMP5270
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