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October 2015
Blacklight Blue
The Bucket
In 1938 Allan Ahlberg was picked up in London by his new adoptive mother and taken back to Oldbury in the Black Country. Now one of the most successful children’s book writers in the world, Allan writes of an oddly enchanted childhood lived out in an industrial town; of a tough and fiercely protective mother; of fearsome bacon slicers; of ‘fugitive memories, the ones that shimmer on the edges of things: trapdoors in the grass, Dad’s dancing overalls’. Of ’two mothers, two fathers and me like a parcel or a baton (or a hot potato!) passed between them’.
Everything I Never Told You
Lydia was the favourite child of Marilyn and James Lee. Her parents had been determined that she would fulfil the dreams they were unable to pursue themselves. Her father is an American born of first- generation Chinese immigrants, which makes him and his children conspicuous in any setting. When Lydia’s body is found in the local lake, James is consumed by guilt, while Marilyn is determined to make someone accountable, no matter what the cost. Lydia’s older brother, Nathan, is convinced that local bad boy Jack is somehow involved. But it’s the youngest in the family, Hannah, who observes far more than anyone realises, and who may be the only one who knows what really happened . . .
Enzo Macleod, a Scottish teacher of forensics at Cahors in southwest France, has been using his expertise to crack seven notorious murders described in a book by Parisian journalist Roger Raffin. Having solved the first two, Enzo is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and now he is running out of time to crack the most confounding murder of all. But before he can begin, his daughter is nearly killed, while Enzo himself is mugged – and then arrested, in what appear to be a series of pre-emptive strikes by killers desperate to protect their secrets. Destroying his character, framing him for murder . . . they will stop at nothing to halt Enzo, who must use all his forensic skills to solve the case – before they succeed.
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