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February 2016
The Uncommon Appeal Of Clouds ALEXANDER McCALL SMITH
The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance Of Atticus Craftsman
Atticus Craftsman never travels without a supply of Earl Grey and a favourite book. So when he is sent to shut down a failing literary magazine in Madrid, he packs both. A short Spanish jaunt later, he’ll be back in Kent. But the five ladies who run the magazine have other ideas. They’ll do anything to keep their cosy office together – even if it involves hoodwinking Atticus with flashing eyes, the ghosts of literature past, and a winding journey into the heart of Andalucía.
Five years ago, someone murdered DI Charlotte Savage’s daughter and got away with it. Now Charlotte knows who was responsible – but the killer’s father is a seemingly untouchable high-ranking official, and therefore his son is well protected. Before Charlotte can work out how to get her revenge, disturbing events start to unfold on Dartmoor: a woman’s naked body is found near an isolated reservoir on the bleak winter moors. As the body count mounts, and the crimes are linked to mutilated animals and a sinister cult, Charlotte knows she must move fast. But in a police force tainted by corruption, her hunt for the killer won’t be easy . . .
The Isabel Dalhousie Series
As a philosopher, mother, employer and resident of Edinburgh – the birthplace of moral philosophy – Isabel Dalhousie is aware that to be human is to be responsible. But morals, it turns out, are rather like clouds: complex, changeable and tricky to get a grip on. As she enters into ransom negotiations over a stolen painting on behalf of wealthy philanthropist Duncan Munrowe, a case where heroes and villains should be obvious turns murky.
Tell Tale
DI Charlotte Savage Series
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