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April 2016
The Past
Three adult sisters and their brother meet up at their grandparents’ old cottage during one long, hot summer. The house is in need of expensive renovation, and the siblings must decide whether to commit the funds or sell up. But under the idyllic surface, tensions are growing. Alice has brought with her Kasim, the twenty-year-old son of her ex-boyfriend – who makes plans to seduce the quiet Molly, Roland’s sixteen-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, Fran’s young children uncover an ugly secret in a ruined cottage in the woods. Passion erupts where it’s least expected, blasting the self-possession of Harriet, the eldest sister. And Roland has come with his new (third) wife, whom his sisters don’t like. A way of life – bourgeois, literate, ritualised, Anglican – winds down to its inevitable end: both a loss and a release . . .
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Narrow Margins
The first title in the Narrow Boat Book Series
Faced with the loss of everything following the collapse of the Rover car company, Marie Browne moves her long-suffering husband Geoff, chaotic children and smelly, narcoleptic dog onto a houseboat in search of a less stressful, healthier, alternative way of life. Strapped for cash, the family buys a decrepit seventy-foot barge called Happy Go Lucky, which had been run as a floating hotel. Outdated and in need of a complete refurbishment, Happy becomes their floating home as they negotiate the trials and tribulations of life in the slow lane.
The Summer Of Secrets
The summer the Dovers move in next door, sixteen-year-old Helen’s lonely world is at once a more thrilling place. She is infatuated with the bohemian family, especially the petulant and charming daughter Victoria. As the long, hot days stretch out in front of them, Helen and Victoria grow inseparable. But when a stranger appears, Helen begins to question whether the secretive Dover family are really what they seem. It’s the kind of summer when anything seems possible – and then something goes terribly wrong . . .
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