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April 2016
The Woman Who Walked In Sunshine ALEXANDER McCALL SMITH
The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
Mma Ramotswe is reluctantly persuaded by Mr J. L. B. Matekoni to take a holiday from her detective work. But she finds it impossible to resist the temptation to interfere with the cases taken on by her co-director – secretly, she intends. This leads her to delve into the past of a famous man whose reputation has been called into question, and to join forces with a new assistant detective, Mr Polopetsi. While ’on holiday’, Mma Ramotswe also manages to help a young boy in the search for his missing mother.
God Help The Child
What you do to children matters. And they might never forget. Sweetness wants to love her child, Bride, but she struggles to do so as a mother should. Bride, now glamorous, grown-up, ebony-black and panther-like, wants to love her man, Booker, but she finds herself betrayed by a moment in her past, a moment born of a desperate burn for the love of her mother. Booker cannot fathom Bride’s depths, with his own lovelorn past bending him out of shape. Can they find a way through the damage wrought on their blameless childhood souls, to light and happiness, free from pain?
Despite his enviable view from a balcony on the twenty-seventh floor of an apartment block, Ian the Goldfish has frequent – if fleeting – desires for a more exciting life. Until one day, a series of unfortunate events gives him an opportunity to escape . . . Our story begins, however, with the human inhabitants of Ian’s building. There is the handsome student, his girlfriend and his mistress; an agoraphobic sex worker; the invisible caretaker; the pregnant woman on bed rest; and the home-schooled boy, Herman, who thinks he can travel through time. As Ian tumbles perilously downwards, he will witness all their lives, loves, triumphs and disasters . . .
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