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Michael Punke
Writers for Readers Clive Cussler
Michael Punke, a 51 year old American and United States Ambassador to the World Trade Organization has recently been propelled into the bestseller lists with the success of the Leonardo DiCaprio film adapted from his novel The Revenant. His novel was published in 2002 and sold 15,000 copies – a very respectable effort – before going out of print. The film meant the book was republished last year and has sold another half a million copies. The book was the product of a long
fascination with old American West and inspired by a few short paragraphs on Glass’s encounter with a grizzly bear in 1823, which Mr Punke found in a history of fur trapping. Mr Punke served in the White House under Bill Clinton as the director for international economic affairs before taking a job with a Washington law firm. He is currently the United States ambassador to the World Trade Organisation and barred under American ethics rules from anything that might be described as “self- enrichment”, making it impossible for him to discuss any details.
Tim Punke, Mr Punke’s brother on not being able to conduct interviews: It’s a dream come true for any writer, so to not be able to fully engage in everything to do with the book is frustrating
The movie is up for 12 Oscars, including best picture, and has catapulted the novel onto the best-seller lists . . .
The New York Times Magazine
The Revenant is gut-churningly brutal, beautiful story telling . . . The Guardian
Clive Cussler is an American adventure novelist and underwater explorer. He is the sole author or lead author of more than 60 books. Before he decided to write he worked in advertising during the day whilst his wife worked evenings at a police department. Having nothing to do once the children were asleep he decided to start writing a book, doing something very different and putting his hero underwater. This turned in to a paperback series, which was quite popular then, in has 5 adventure series to date. He
the 1970s – Clive Cussler now
is also a huge car collector and in all of his novels he tries to write about his other interest, classic automobiles. He will describe one of the cars he has collected over the years that are now in a museum set up by his daughter, making the stories not only action packed but also informative.
On writing books: My job is an entertainer and I hope when the readers finish the book they get their money’s worth, including learning about the history.
Cussler’s own life and career is a blend of imagination and reality, art that imitates life and life inspired by art . . .
Publishers Weekly
Clive Cussler, the best-selling novelist, is often described as a marine archaeologist, but if you ask him, he’s says he’s more of a “dilettante” . . . USA Today
What we’re reading . . .
Fish Bowl by Bradley Somer gives us some insight in to the life of Ian the Goldfish whom has frequent – if fleeting – desires for a more exciting life. Until one day, a series of unfortunate events gives him an opportunity to escape . . . Our story begins, however, with the human inhabitants of Ian’s building. As Ian tumbles perilously downwards, he will witness all their lives, loves, triumphs and disasters . . .
Sweetness wants to love her child, Bride, but she struggles to do so as a mother should. God Help The Child by Toni Morrison highlights how what you do to children matter as Bride, now glamorous and grown-up wants to love her man, Booker, but she finds herself betrayed by a moment in her past.
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