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August 2016
Behind The Shattered Glass
The Lady Emily Series
Anglemore Park is the ancestral home of Lady Emily Hargreave’s husband Colin. Its stately calm is destroyed when their neighbour, the Marquess of Montagu, bursts through their doors and falls down dead in front of them. Many people seem to have a motive: the lovely cousin who was threatened by his engagement, the Oxford friend he falsely accused of cheating, the scheming vicar’s daughter he shamelessly seduced, and the relative no one knew existed, who appears to claim the Montagu title. And who is the mysterious woman who was seen walking with the Marquess moments before he was brutally attacked? One family’s hidden past, and a forbidden passion, are the clues to a puzzle only Lady Emily can solve.
The Birdcage
Salonika, 1916: a city that is nominally neutral, but teeming with French, British, and Serbian armies. A city seething with intrigue, the native inhabitants are eager to make money from the foreign soldiery. Welcome to the Birdcage, named after the miles of tangled barbed wire separating the city from the fighting to the North. It is the Casablanca of WWI. This kaleidoscope of nations, cultures and political ambitions shifts and re-forms around a group of English men and women, blown there by many different winds - into a world of madcap journeys by mule, motor car, and foot over the grim mountains; of U-boats lurking in the waters; of the sinister Gazmend Effendi. What is his game? Where is all the petrol disappearing to? The breathless ride is just beginning . . .
London, November, 1960: The Cold War is at its height. Spy fever fills the newspapers, and the political establishment knows how and where to buy its secrets. When a highly sensitive file goes missing, Simon Callington is accused of passing information to the Soviets, and arrested. His wife, Lily, suspects that his imprisonment is part of a cover-up, and that more powerful men than Simon will do anything to prevent their own downfall. She knows that she too is in danger, and must fight to protect her children. But what she does not realise is that Simon has hidden vital truths about his past, and may be found guilty of another crime that carries with it an even greater penalty . . .
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