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August 2016
A Woven Silence
How do we know that what we remember is the truth? Inspired by the story of her relative Marion Stokes, one of three women who raised the tricolour over Enniscorthy in Easter Week 1916, Felicity Hayes-McCoy explores the consequences for all of us when memories are manipulated or obliterated. In the power struggle after the Easter Rising, the ideals for which Marion and her companions fought were eroded. She maps her own family stories onto the history of the state, Felicity’s story moves from Washerwoman’s Hill in Dublin, to London, and back again; spans two world wars, a revolution, a civil war and the development of a republic; and culminates in Ireland’s 2015 same-sex marriage referendum.
The Story Of Land And Sea
August, 1793: On the hot, humid coast of North Carolina, nine-year- old Tabitha sits with her father John, to hear stories of her mother Helen, who died in childbirth. John longs to sail the sea as he did before the war, knowing he must instead stay on steady land for his daughter. But when Tab catches yellow fever, her life hanging in the balance, he turns to what he knows and steals her onto a boat bound for Bermuda . . . On the same coast twenty years earlier, Helen is given a slave girl for her tenth birthday, and soon the girls are confidantes. It’s an enduring friendship until the arrival of John, a pirate-turned-soldier. Helen finds she must decide between a life of security on the family plantation, and a sea adventure with the man she loves . . .
Bristol, 1965: In the dead of winter, a young deaf and dumb woman goes missing without a trace. But the police don’t care about a West Indian immigrant who is nowhere to be found. Enter Joseph Tremaine ’JT’ Ellington: a Barbadian ex-cop not long off the boat, with a tragic past and a broken heart. When local mogul Earl Linney hires him to track down the missing girl, JT soon finds himself adrift in a murky world of prostitution and kidnapping, where each clue reveals yet more mysteries. What is Linney’s connection to the girl? Have more women gone missing? And what exactly is the Erotica Negro Club? Facing hostility and prejudice as well as the demons he left home to escape, JT must unravel a deadly conspiracy in a dangerous and unfamiliar world.
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