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April 2017
The Last Pearl Fisher
Of Scotland
Brodie McBride is having a tough time. The last expert in the ancient art of pearl fishing, he’s on a quest to track down the pearl that will complete a necklace for his wife, Elspeth – convinced that the love token will save their marriage. But Scotland’s rivers are running out of mussels, Elspeth is running out of patience, and their ten-year-old daughter Maggie is running wild with her moustachioed pet rabbit, Frank. And when Maggie takes matters into her own hands, determined to keep the family together, the McBrides are soon at the centre of an international commotion that will change everyone’s lives forever.
The Life Of A Scilly Sergeant COLIN TAYLOR
“Oh, are you the guy who does the Facebook stuff? Whatever happens here, keep it up, mate.” It was the middle of the afternoon and he was butt naked, with a grass skirt in his right hand, pants and T-shirt in his left, and plastic flowers in his hair. So for the first time in my career, I actually had to resort to using my helmet to preserve the modesty of the groom as I led him away from public view in Hugh Street, with his best man nearby taking some essential stag-do pre-wedding blackmail photographs . . . This book is my account of some of the more unique aspects of policing the Isles of Scilly.
The Woman In Blue
The Ruth Galloway Series
Ruth Galloway’s friend Cathbad is house-sitting in the Norfolk village of Walsingham, famous as a centre for pilgrimages to the Virgin Mary, when he sees a strange vision of a young woman dressed in blue he thinks may be the Madonna herself. The next morning the woman’s body, dressed in a white nightdress and blue dressing gown, is found in a ditch. DCI Nelson and his team are called in and establish that the dead woman was a recovering addict being treated at a nearby hospital. Then Ruth is contacted by an old friend, now a priest, who reveals that she has been receiving vitriolic anonymous letters containing a phrase about a woman ’clad in blue, weeping for the world’. And when another woman is murdered, Ruth realises she is tangled up in a grisly mystery . . .
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