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Nicky Pellegrino
Kate O’Hanlon
Kate O’Hanlon MBE was born in the Markets area of Belfast in 1930 and worked at the Royal Victoria Hospital from 1966 to 1988. Kate was chairman of the Royal College of Nursing’s A & E Forum for nine years. She travelled the world, attending conferences to talk about her experiences, and formed part of a United Nations delegation that visited Gaza and the West Bank. She was
Nicky Pellegrino was born in Liverpool but spent childhood summers staying with her family in Southern Italy. A shy, tall, gingery child she never really fitted in with her exuberant Italian cousins and had a tendency to stay quiet and observe things. When Nicky started writing fiction is was her memories of those summers in Italy that came flooding back
and flavoured her stories: the passions, the feuds but most of all the food.
Nicky now lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband Carne (and yes she does find it slightly odd being married to a man whose name means “meat” in Italian), two dogs and two horses.
She works as a freelance journalist, has a column in the Listener and her novels are distributed in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and have been translated into 12 languages.
On finishing a novel: It’s a bittersweet feeling. In one way it’s a relief but it’s also sad to say goodbye to the characters I’ve spent so much time with.
A great sit-by-a-sunny-window read Booksellers NZ Another wonderful read from talented author Nicky
Pellegrino Goodreads
a Dame of the Order of Malta and in 2007 was awarded the lifetime achievement award by the Royal College of Nursing. Kate’s contribution to nursing was recognised with an MBE. After retiring early in 1988 due to ill health, she continued to play a significant role as a friend of the Royal Victoria, helping to raise funds for the hospital.
On coping with nursing: There was no counselling, but we coped because we were all together. You had porters and domestics and nurses and doctors and consultants, and we would all talk together
The United Kingdom’s best known casualty nurse
Belfast Telegraph
This is her fascinating, frank and no-nonsense story
What we’re reading . . .
Frozen Out by Quentin Bates is the first in a series of crime novels featuring Sergeant Gunnhildur. The discovery of a corpse washed up on a beach in an Icelandic backwater sparks a series of events that propels the village of Hvalvík’s police sergeant, Gunnhildur Gisladóttir, into deep waters. Although under pressure to deal with the matter quickly, she is suspicious that the man’s death was no accident.
In The Woman In Blue by Elly Griffiths, Ruth Galloway’s friend Cathbad is house-sitting in the Norfolk village of Walsingham, famous as a centre for pilgrimages to the Virgin Mary, when he sees a strange vision of a young woman dressed in blue he thinks may be the Madonna herself. The next morning the woman’s body, dressed in a white nightdress and blue dressing gown, is found in a ditch. And when another woman is murdered, Ruth realises she is tangled up in a grisly mystery...
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