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July 2017
A Summer Breeze
All Zoe Hall ever wanted to do was act. Then love got in the way of her dreams. But now that she has divorced her husband and come home to Dublin, she is determined to get her career back on track. It’s easier said than done, though, and she earns just as much helping out her caterer friend, Tara Devlin, as she does from acting. Finally she is offered a juicy part – but while she should be concentrating solely on her acting role, she finds herself drawn deep into the lives, loves and heartaches of the people around her, not least those of her beloved brother, Shane. Consumed by her need to help, Zoe is in grave danger of missing out on her second chance – a chance that may also be her last...
Thin Air
Featured on The Radio 2 Book Club
The Himalayas, 1935: Five Englishmen set off from Darjeeling, determined to be the first to conquer the summit of Kangchenjunga, third highest peak on earth. Their inspiration is a book by Charles Lyell, leader of an ill-fated expedition twenty-eight years before, which regales his heroism in the face of extreme odds. But courage can only take them so far – and the mountain is not their only foe. Charles Tennant, a survivor of the Lyell expedition haunted by his experience, warns them of dark things ahead; and it isn’t long before macabre events hint that the climbers are not as isolated – or safe – as they think. As mountain sickness and the horrors of extreme altitude set in, the past refuses to stay buried. And sometimes, the truth won’t set you free...
Sister Kate Nursing Through The Toubles
Kate O’Hanlon spent sixteen years as sister in charge of A & E at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast during the most violent period of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. She helped treat the victims of bombings, shootings and punishment attacks such the Malvern Street shootings of 1966, the loyalist bomb attack on McGurk’s Bar, the IRA bombing of the Abercorn Restaurant, the car-bombing in Donegall Street which saw 150 casualties arrive, and Bloody Friday. Through it all, she held her team together with warmth, compassion, humour, and an indomitable spirit – this is her story.
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