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October 2017
One Woman’s Truth About Speaking The Truth
If you’re thinking, “Jess, who?” then I’m glad that there was something about “Everywoman” and “truth” that caught your eye. Or you might know me as that gobby MP who has a tendency to shout about stuff I care about. I have been called a feminazi witch and a murderer, and been threatened with rape. So, speaking the truth isn’t always easy, but I believe it’s worth it. And I want you to believe it too. The truth can be empowering, the truth can lead to greater equality, and the world would be incredibly boring if we let all of those people who allegedly know everything, say everything. By demanding to be heard, by being doers not sayers, and by daring to believe that we can make a difference – we can.
Chilled To The Bone
The Officer Gunnhildur Series
When an elderly shipowner is found dead, tied to a bed in one of Reykjavík’s smartest hotels, Sergeant Gunnhildur Gisladóttir of the city police force sees no evidence of foul play, but still suspects that things may not be as simple as they appear. As she investigates the shipowner’s untimely and embarrassing demise, she stumbles across a discreet bondage ring whose existence she never suspected, and which someone is exploiting as a blackmail tool to extract cash from the most unlikely people. What begins as a straightforward case for Gunna escalates into a dangerous investigation uncovering secrets that ruthless people are ready to go to violent extremes to keep.
Dr James Darke has expelled himself from the world. He writes compulsively in his “coming-of-old-age” journal; he eats little, and drinks and smokes a lot. Meditating on what he has lost – the loves of his life, both dead and alive – he tries to console himself with the wisdom of the great thinkers and poets, yet finds nothing but disappointment. But cracks of light appear in his carefully managed darkness, and he begins to emerge from his self-imposed exile, drawn by the tender, bruised filaments of love for his daughter and grandson...
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