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November 2017
The Beautiful Dead
Crime reporter Eve Singer’s career is in a slump when a spate of bizarre murders, each carefully orchestrated and advertised like performance art, occurs in her territory. Covering these very public crimes revives her byline; and when the killer contacts her himself, she is suddenly on the inside of the biggest murder investigation of the decade. Eve welcomes the chance to tantalize her ghoulish audience with the news from every gory scene. But as the killer becomes increasingly obsessed with her, she realizes there’s a thin line between inside information and becoming an accomplice to murder – possibly her own...
An Inspector Sejer Novel
A gruesome tableau awaits Inspector Sejer in the oppressive summer heat: Bonnie Hayden and her young son Simon lie dead in a pool of blood near an old caravan on a remote piece of land. There is no sign of robbery or assault. Who would brutally stab a defenceless woman and her child? Sejer and his fellow investigator Jakob Skarre begin a hunt for the killer that will eventually lead them to a heartbreaking conclusion. Meanwhile, another mother, Mass, who is dying of cancer, confesses to her twenty-one-year-old son Eddie that he was adopted. The man who abandoned them, whom the boy has become obsessed with, is not his real father. When long-held secrets are revealed, it turns out that Mass and Bonnie have more in common than Eddie could ever have guessed...
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