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January 2018
Cold Steal
The Officer Gunnhildur Series
A successful housebreaker who leaves no traces and no clues as he strips Reykjavík homes of their valuables has been a thorn in the police’s side for months. But when one night the thief breaks into the wrong house, he finds himself caught in a trap, and the stakes are raised far beyond anything he could have imagined. Gunnhildur Gísladóttir of the Reykjavík police finds herself frustrated at every turn as she searches for a victim who has vanished from the scene of the crime, and wonders if it could be linked to the murders of two businessmen with dubious reputations that her bosses are warning her to keep clear of.
Finding Alison
No one in Carniskey has ever truly understood what led Sean Delaney, a seasoned local fisherman, to risk his life in a high storm in the dead of night. Now, three years on from those tragic events, his wife Alison is still struggling with her unresolved grief and increasing financial worries. She has grown distant from her daughter and estranged from her friends and fellow villagers, particularly her best friend Kathleen, who harbours a deeply guarded secret. Isolated by its stunning yet often cruel surroundings, this is a community used to looking after its own. But the arrival of an outsider – artist and lifelong nomad William – offers Alison a new perspective on life and love that threatens to unearth the mysteries of the past.
York, 1798: An artist is found murdered in his home, stabbed with the tools of his trade: a pair of scissors. The people depicted in the final six shades, or silhouettes, made by him become the key suspects – but who are they, and where are they to be found? Meanwhile, Fletcher Rigge, a clever but impoverished gentleman, languishes in debtors’ prison – until a letter arrives containing a bizarre proposition from the son of the murdered man. Rigge is to be released for one month; but in that time, he must find the killer. If he fails, he will be incarcerated again, possibly for life. And so, equipped only with copies of the distinctive silhouettes, Rigge begins his search across the snow- covered city, and enters a world of shadows...
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