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MAGNA (Hardcover) October
A SHRED OF HONOUR David Donachie writing as Tom Connery
A Shred of Honour is a wonderful epic of eighteenth century warfare – by land and sea – a first novel introducing George Markham, lately of the 65th Regiment of foot, now Lieutenant of Marines on His Britannic Majesty’s frigate Hebe. Irishman, papist, reputed coward; he is a man with something to prove. The death of his commander – almost decapitated by a lucky French musket ball – provides him with an early opportunity for glory. As the winter of 1793 comes to the Mediterranean coast of France, Markham will have to prove he is a worthy officer of Marines . . . or die in the attempt.
l Adventure Suspense – 503pp – October – ISBN 978 0 7505 4179 4
Rita Kennedy is forced to face some unpalatable truths about her husband, Charlie. But she must still play the part of dutiful wife, while her childhood sweetheart, Jack Callaghan, has shown her nothing but kindness. For Kitty Callaghan, burying herself in her work distracts her from the constant worry about her brothers, Danny and Tommy. And then there’s Frank Feeny, the man she adores. Will they ever be together? With a Christmas of rationing and ‘going without’ to look forward to, the women of Empire Street are being tested like never before. But their troubles are only just beginning . . .
l Family Saga – 391pp – October – ISBN 978 0 7505 4071 1
Rose Petrie is desperate to do something for the war effort. Rose is doing her best down at the munitions factory, but she is dealt a blow when her childhood sweetheart, Stan, tells her he doesn’t feel the same way about her. Determined to get away and make a new start, Rose decides to put her mechanical skills to good use and signs up for the Women’s Auxiliary Service. But Rose discovers that delivering fruit and veg in her father’s greengrocer’s van is very different to driving trucks for the army in a country under siege.
l Family Saga – 442pp – October – ISBN 978 0 7505 3900 5
In the eyes of solicitor Eric Ward there was something odd about Arthur Egan’s life and death. Egan’s estate comprised a large sum, to go to an heir no one knew he had. Egan had served a term for manslaughter committed during an armed robbery of Lord Morcomb’s estate. Indications were that the evidence against him had been planted. The present Lord Morcomb was facing heavy death duties, and Ward’s firm had to advise how these could be handled. Despite warnings from the senior partner that he was wasting time on the Egan estate, Ward persisted – and his investigations soon led to murder.
l Mystery – 282pp – October – ISBN 978 0 7505 4131 2

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