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April MAGNA (Hardcover)
A DAUGHTER’S LOVE Catherine King
Nell Goodman is a good daughter. Her job in the local brewery is the only thing keeping her and her mother afloat. But with her mother becoming increasingly eccentric, Nell is starting to feel the burden of her responsibilities. When Nell goes to George Wilmot, the brewery’s owner, for help he offers her a job as a live-in servant. She begins to grow closer to Devlin, George’s son, and it looks like Nell’s luck is finally changing. An unwelcome discovery and tragedy mean that things suddenly change. Devlin pulls away from Nell, her mother’s behaviour is becoming worse and there are secrets around every corner.
l Family Saga – 384pp – April – ISBN 978 0 7505 4252 4
When Adam Bailey agrees to spend Christmas at Mulgrave Castle, he knows there is an ulterior motive behind the invitation. His old flame, Harriet, and her husband, Sir Anthony Rowe, want him to investigate the legend of an old family curse said to have claimed several victims amongst Sir Anthony’s ancestors. If there is any truth in the tales of inherited insanity, it may be due to strike again. Once the house guests are assembled, heavy snow cuts the castle off from the outside world. When they sit down for breakfast on Christmas morning, none of them is aware that the curse has already claimed a new victim.
l Mystery – 336pp – April – ISBN 978 0 7505 4240 1
Anwyn Moyle was born in 1918 in a poor Welsh mining village. At the age of sixteen she was sent to London to work as a scullery maid. Her long days of domestic service began at 5 a.m., cleaning grates and lighting fires, then she would scrub floors and polish the house – all for two shillings a week. Things improved when Anwyn secured the position of lady’s maid in Belgravia and learned to negotiate the social mores of the privileged classes and keep quiet about her mistress’s affairs. She went on to be a proficient cook, keeping a detailed diary of the fine foods that were served `upstairs`.
l Non-Fiction – 368pp – April – ISBN 978 0 7505 4227 2
Meet Inspector George Bartlett and Constable Archibald Boase in their first investigation together. In the closing months of 1921, Bartlett and Boase have a missing girl on their Falmouth patch. Before long they find themselves drawn into a murder investigation when another girl is found dead on a local beach. We meet the Pengelly family, unwittingly drawn in through their daughter’s involvement with the prime murder suspect and find ourselves involved in mysterious goings-on at Penvale Manor. Deception and disguise come together in the final spectacular and surprising showdown when the killer is revealed.
l Mystery – 320pp – April – ISBN 978 0 7505 4228 9

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