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MAGNA (Hardcover)
BURN James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
Having brought an end to the vengeful mission of the ruthless crime lord who forced the Bennett family into hiding, Michael is finally back in New York City. However, Bennett is thrust straight back into a horrifying case: a witness claims to have seen a group of well-dressed men holding a sickening depraved and murderous gathering in a condemned building. The report reads like the product of an overactive imagination. But when a charred body is found in that very same building, the unbelievable claim becomes all too real . . .
l Thriller – 336pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4164 0
The sleepy village of Bramley is stuck in a rut: the school and the cottage hospital are threatened with closure, the prices at the Post Office store are driving customers to the nearest superstore, and the Bramley Cross and Brocklehurst Preserved Steam Railway – pride of Brigadier Eames and his dedicated team of enthusiasts – is in desperate need of repair and extension if it is to survive. When the answer to all these problems appears in the shape of a mysterious but ludicrously wealthy Russian oligarch, there are questions about the provenance of his village-saving cash – is he Mafia or self-made millionaire?
l Mystery – 160pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4213 5
Aly Sidgwick
Battered, bruised and washed up on the banks of a remote loch, the Lullaby Girl doesn’t know who or where she is. She doesn’t speak. She only sings a haunting Danish lullaby over and over again. When her shocking story hits the headlines, the Lullaby Girl is hot news. Everyone wants to know who she is. Strangers donate money for her care, the media are breaking down the door to get to her. Then, as chilling memories slowly start to resurface, the Lullaby Girl begins to realise that her story isn’t over and she is in mortal danger, with a past that is quickly catching up.
l Mystery – 416pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4231 9
RUTHLESS Cath Staincliffe
An abandoned chapel burns. In this part of Manchester, destruction is not unusual. But this time, the body of a man lies inside. And it’s down to Scott and Bailey to save them all . . . Detective Constable Rachel Bailey is struggling to come to terms with huge change, just as her partner, D.C. Janet Scott grapples with a horrifying tragedy. But they must put aside their own troubles if they are to solve this murder investigation. Especially when a second building goes up in flames . . .
l Mystery – 416pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4256 2

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