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MAGNA (Hardcover) July
NELLY DEAN Alison Case
Nelly Dean has been young Hindley Earnshaw’s closest companion for as long as she can remember, living at the great house, Wuthering Heights. But when the benevolence of Hindley’s father brings an untameable orphan boy into the house, Nelly must follow in her mother’s footsteps, and give up her freedom to serve the family. Then a new heir is born and a reign of violence begins that will test Nelly’s spirit, and show her what it is to know true sacrifice . . .
l General Fiction – 540pp – July – ISBN 978 0 7505 4288 3
‘Joan’s got something to show you.’ She rummaged in a drawer for a moment, pulled out a
piece of paper and handed it to me. ‘Constance Street,’ she said. ‘As I remember it.’
And as my great-aunt showed me the hand-drawn plan of Constance Street in the 1930s, so began the stories of one street and the true-life tales of my family, a tight knit group of working-class women in Silvertown in the East End of London, all set against a backdrop of hardship, struggle and war.
l Non-Fiction – 276pp – July – ISBN 978 0 7505 4293 7
Dilly Court
Rose is keeping a dreadful secret, and too scared to ask her strict father for help, it’s down to her to keep her brother from the hangman’s noose – whatever it takes. Her innocent sister Cora is on a different road to ruin, bewitched by a handsome cad whose intentions are anything but gallant.
When Rose’s father discovers that his children have disgraced his name, he turns them onto the street. Penniless, homeless and with the noose tightening, Rose must rescue her brother and keep her sister from the streets, even if it means putting herself in the most terrible danger . . .
l Family Saga – 432pp – July – ISBN 978 0 7505 4329 3
London is a tough place to be a cop – and John Carlyle is nobody’s idea of a hero.
Terrorist attacks, feuding gangsters, religious charlatans and naked bike riding protests that descend into violence – the long-suffering inspector has to deal with them all. Meanwhile, Seymour Erikssen has just slipped through his fingers, again; ‘London’s most unsuccessful criminal’ is back picking the pockets of the wrong people while the media are up in arms about the police’s inability to keep him behind bars. Trying to keep his sergeant, Umar Sligo, on the straight and narrow is also proving to be impossible.
l Mystery – 396pp – July – ISBN 978 0 7505 4270 8

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