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July MAGNA (Hardcover)
The Honourable Daisy Dalrymple-Fletcher is in the countryside, visiting friends who, all unmarried, have recently bought a house together. Daisy and her husband Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher, of Scotland Yard are invited for Sunday lunch at the house, where one of the women mentions a wine cellar which remains resolutely locked. Alec picks the lock but when he eventually opens the door, what greets them is the stench of a dead body. Now Daisy’s three friends are the suspects in a murder and her husband is a witness . . . Daisy is determined to use all resources and skills to solve the mystery behind this perplexing locked-room crime.
l Mystery – 384pp – July – ISBN 978 0 7505 4273 9
1217: England has been invaded. Much of the country is in the grip of Louis of France and his collaborators, and civil war rages as the forces of the boy king try to fight off the French. Most of this means nothing to Edwin Weaver, son of the bailiff at Conisbrough Castle in Yorkshire, until he is suddenly thrust into the noble world of politics and treachery: he is ordered by his lord the earl to solve a murder which might have repercussions not just for him but for the future of the realm. Edwin is terrified but he must obey, uncovering a horrific secret which might kill them all.
l Mystery – 324pp – July – ISBN 978 0 7505 4267 8
The war was not ‘over by Christmas’ after all and as 1915 begins, the Hunters begin to settle into wartime life. Diana, the eldest daughter, sees her fiancé off to war but doesn’t expect the coldness she receives from her future mother-in-law. Her brother David and his battalion are almost ready to be sent to the Front. Below stairs, Ethel, the under housemaid, is tired of having her beaux go off to war so she deliberately sets her sights on a man who works on the railway. Eric turns out to be decent and honest – is this the man who could give her a new life?
l Family Saga – 498pp – July – ISBN 978 0 7505 4260 9
Life is never dull in this beautiful Devonshire village and with surprises around every corner, there’s a lot to look forward to. The engagement party at the Barton is finally a chance for Hilary and David to celebrate their good news with friends and family. But obstacles spring up from all angles and there may be more than the dress and the venue to arrange before they can walk down the aisle. Amongst the drama, old friends are always on hand and when Dottie falls ill, an old face comes back to Burracombe to lift her spirits, and perhaps change her life.
l Family Saga – 462pp – July – ISBN 978 0 7505 4274 6

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