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MAGNA (Hardcover) January
1879, York: Greta Costello works as a Saturday girl for an old jeweller, Saul Abrahams. Her long fingers and appreciation of beauty persuade Saul to train her as a pearl stringer, which leads her to a new life. 1879, Scotland: Jem Baillie knows the immense power of a perfect pearl. His father was a fisherman in Scotland, and together they found the rarest of pearls, a great white pearl they call Queenie. When this is stolen, they seek revenge. This is one woman’s journey to open the shell she has built around herself to reveal the true beauty within.
l Family Saga – 468pp – January – ISBN 978 0 7505 4319 4
Neil Hanson recounts life as the landlord of the highest and loneliest inn in Britain. After five years away, the naive, impulsive young couple who ran The Inn at the Top in the late 1970s return as its new owners. Their hearts are in the right place, but nothing else is. Yet stumbling from one crisis to another, they somehow transform the inn from a decrepit, local curiosity into a thriving, nationally-famous inn. Full of warmth and humour, the beauty of the Dales countryside and the quirky characters who inhabit it, this is an unforgettable, laugh-a- minute portrait of a unique place and way of life in a now-vanished era.
l Non-Fiction – 312pp – January – ISBN 978 0 7505 4305 7
In the first in a stunning new mystery series set in eighteenth-century England, Tessa Harris introduces Dr Thomas Silkstone, anatomist and pioneering forensic detective . . . The death of Lord Edward Crick has unleashed a torrent of gossip through the seedy taverns and elegant ballrooms of Oxfordshire. Few mourn the dissolute young man – except his sister, the beautiful Lady Lydia Farrell. When her husband comes under suspicion of murder, she seeks expert help from Dr Thomas Silkstone, a young anatomist and pioneering forensic detective from Philadelphia. Dr Silkstone came to England to study under the ageing Dr Carruthers, but his unconventional methods only add to Thomas’s outsider status.
l Mystery – 390pp – January – ISBN 978 0 7505 4307 1
A gripping saga set in 1950s Leeds.
Lucy Bailey is not a girl to take no for an answer. When she asks her friend Billy to help her rescue a stray dog, she has no idea of the potential repercussions. A serious crime is committed while Billy is absent from the children’s home where he lives and, when suspicion falls on him, the police decide to lock him away in a mental institution. Lucy refuses to believe Billy has done anything wrong, and enlists her teenage brother Arnold to help. It looks as though Billy’s freedom will soon be won – before Arnold too falls foul of the law . . .
l Family Saga – 432pp – January – ISBN 978 0 7505 4337 8

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