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April MAGNA (Hardcover)
TIMBA COMES HOME Sheila Jeffries
Timba and Vati are named after lions: and they need all the courage they can find when they are abandoned in a ditch. When Timba is eventually found by a young boy, Leroy, he is alone and starving. Leroy has a tough life and that is something Timba can relate to – he finds it impossible not to love the sad little boy. Through Leroy Timba also meets Angie, Leroy’s teacher, and they forge a special bond. Can these two black kittens find their way back to each other, and use their cat power to heal the lives of the people they love?
l General Fiction – 234pp – April – ISBN 978 0 7505 4376 7
Joanna Ryan’s father has gone off to war, leaving her in the care of her stepmother, a woman more concerned with having a good time than being any sort of parent to her. But then she finds a puppy, left for dead, and Joanna becomes determined to save him, sharing her meagre rations with him. But, in a time of war, pets are only seen as an unnecessary burden and she is forced to hide her new friend, Harry from her step-mother and the authorities. With bombs falling over Bristol and with the prospect of evacuation on the horizon can they stay together and keep each other safe?
l Family Saga – 402pp – April– ISBN 978 0 7505 4391 0
HONOUR Jack Ludlow
Sixth century Constantinople. Flavius Belisarius is barely eighteen and is already commander of the cavalry patrolling the Persian frontier. A brilliant soldier but a poor schemer – Flavius needs to be both in order to survive the febrile politics of the Eastern Roman Empire. When his friend, Petrus Sabbatius uses trickery to become co-Emperor, Flavius is embroiled in an explosive venture. He must battle against the deadly Sassanids and protect the co-Emperor from his own subjects who are out for blood. But Flavius is unaware that his wife, joining him on the campaign, is secretly charged to spy on him.
l Adventure Suspense – 390pp – April – ISBN 978 0 7505 4367 5
STAR TEACHER Jack Sheffield
“Overflowing with amusing anecdotes.“ Daily Express
It’s 1985, and as Jack returns for another year as headteacher at Ragley village school, some changes are in store. It’s the year of Halley’s Comet, Band Aid, Trivial Pursuit, Dynasty shoulder pads, Roland Rat and Microsoft Windows. And at Ragley-on-the-Forest, Heathcliffe Earnshaw decides to enter the village scarecrow competition, Ruby the caretaker finds romance, and retirement looms for Vera the secretary. Meanwhile, Jack has to battle with some rising stars of the teaching profession to save his job and his school . . .
l General Fiction – 348pp – April – ISBN 978 0 7505 4396 5

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